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    Profession suggestions for a Rogue?

    Hey guys,

    I have two mains, one Druid and one Rogue. Problem is they're on different servers. While my druid is financially stable, my Rogue not so much. He has 280 flying, 20 bags etc. but he has less than 500g and no professions. My question is, what are some good professions for a Rogue where not only he could benefit from the stats, but also gold wise in the AH. My druid is a LW and skinner so he can easily make money. I thought about doing the same for my Rogue, but from what I've seen Rogues have a little harder time surviving and doing AoE pulls because of their lack of AoE capabilities.

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    I would go with 2 gatherings, until you build up some money, say like herb and mining, and might keep herb for the haste? then give up mining once u have made a little more gold, and pick up another prof, lvling alch while having a full herbalist will be cheap to do, and can make some decent money off alch with transmutes and such, just my opinion. I'm not a prof gold maker lol

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    yea gathering for sure. can level them both in panda now. start looking on the ah for prices and get a general idea odds what each mat is worth. you can play the ah by buying cheap and selling big. i did this with my alt banker. started with 1k and now have 5 just from playing the ah. took about 6 weeks to gain that much.

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    Okay guys I'm torn between two and here's my plan,

    First one is LW. I absolutely love all the things I can make with LW not to mention I can add 500 agility to my bracers. So first I'll level LW to 600 along with Skinning. Then this is where I'm torn.

    Do I keep Skinning, get the crit bonus, or do I drop it for Enchanting so I can enchant my rings to with + 160 agility on each? That would give me a total of +820 agility from my professions, however is the crit bonus from Skinning much more beneficial for a Rogue than say 160 agility? If I also went enchanting I could not only enchant my Bracers and rings, but with the patches and all the other enchants I could enchant all my gear which sounds like a pretty cool idea. To farm the mats for LW I could either have an alt do it, or just sell whatever I need from Enchanting then buy the mats that way and/or have a guildie help out.

    What do you guys think?

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    if youre low on cash you can keep skinning. 320 agility from enchanting are obviously better than 480 critical strike but its still an okayis bonus dmg wise. also enchanting is very expensive to level up.
    also your lw is only 320 bonus agility since the lw only enchant replaces the normal leg enchant.

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    If you choose Herbalism you can use the hasted bonus and a trinket at the same time which is pretty nice.

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