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    Divine protection will be usable while stunned?

    Hey everyone, guys is that true or just a rumor? because I have been told by many paladins ingame yesterday about that change will happen in 5.3 patch but I still didn't find anything in the official patch notes?

    If it's true then it will help us so much against the burst of rogues opener in pvp, deep freeze and so many things.

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    Here's a link to it:


    If it's working or not, I dunno. I saw someone complain about it being bugged but I didn't really follow up on that.
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    I still can't use it while stunned. But I'm on EU, does that make a difference? Did they not hotfix EU yet?

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    hotfix hasn't been applied yet as far as I know

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    Still not working

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    This is what Holinka said about how long it will be until DP can be used while stunned

    "Requires a client side patch so it may be awhile"

    Hopefully it won't take too long.

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