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    Quote Originally Posted by Palp View Post
    Blue said that it was fixed yesterday night (EU)
    Still happening according to players on forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by jearle View Post
    Still happening according to players on forums
    I can confirm that. Just happened to us on 10 man normal. The add blew up once and then despawned, when it was surely right in the middle of the red beam.

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    so annoying, nearly every try one add explodes...

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    Didn't happen every attempt, but over our 15 wipes to him it at least cost us 3 wipes. I don't know if it's exactly as detailed in this thread but we would reveal a red beast and it would blow up half way through, even though the person piloting the red beam is in the same location that it revealed the beast.

    It's really annoying.

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    Has there been just one bug-free week of Durumu yet?
    Seems like every week there's something new, or something old repeating itself.
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    We had 4 wipes cos of this, did happen on the 5th pull.

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    Happens on normal too. Found an add with the red beam and then the add just vanished and blew up. Just to clarify... the beam was not moved off the add but the add vanished and did the damage to the raid as if the beam had been moved off it. A few seconds later the add reappeared so we could kill it or it just despawned (not sure which happened) and the light specrtum phase ended. Never saw it happen before 5.3.

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    Same happened to us May 23rd EU time. Fucking annoying and then on top of that the sound issue and random lag spikes.

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    Got Durumu down tonight on Normal after 10 or so wipes, issue did not occur at all, so it appears fixed at least on US servers.
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    We have Durumu on farm but last night we couldn't kill it. This bug kept wiping us on every attempt, since the red add exploding is pretty much a one-shot for most of our raid at that point (hc mode). The bug would occur at different points during the encounter, but always at least once (including on one occasion at 20% or so boss health which is fucking frustrating).

    We had to call it for the night, but hope this is fixed soon.
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