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    Questions about hunters in MoP


    I decided to level my hunter back up again after him not being max level since WotLK. He was my main back in TBC and I really enjoy playing him. Back then my main focus was PvE but since WotLK I have been playing PvP mostly. I didn't even purchase Cata before I started playing MoP and there are so many changes. So I have some questions for some of you more experienced hunters mainly considering PvP. I am specced BM seeing as it's my favorite specc and I heard it was the best for PvP nowadays. So here we go.

    1. What 5 pets do you have for Stampede etc? Should I have one or more Spirit Beast? And if so, where can I tame the most profitable? I have looked arround but most of the info on this seems outdated.

    2. How do you keep control of your pet? I can't seem to get the hang of it (the noobishnes hurts!) I have him on assist and he keeps running all over the place in BGs. Any tips?

    3. What pet do you usually use? And why? I saw they nerfed the pet cc abilities but I guess they are still important. Right now I have a crane for the Lullaby. I have specced him as Cunning for the sacrifice. I hope to get into some 3v3 and I figured that is the best pet tree to go with there.

    4. What is the stat priority? I could only find the one from Noxxic and I don't really trust them.

    5. And for the talents I'm not sure about some of the tiers. I'm pretty sure about Narrow Escape, Silencing Shot and Exhilaration. But what about the last 3 tiers? Is Blink Strikes still viable after the change? I guess I will figure this stuff out as I go but it would be nice to have somewhere to go from.

    6. Lastly I have a small question about glyphs. Right now I have Solace, Explosive Trap and Camo. But I also think Mirrored Blades could be nice if I could use it correctly. I would think the glyphs I have is going to be the best for 3v3 but I'm not sure. Thoughts?

    That's it. I would apreciate any feedback greatly.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey! Welcome back to the best class in the game! :P I just want to say I only pve so if I get anything wrong from a pvp perspective, I'm sure someone will correct me but I'll go over the basics.

    1. I'd recommend glyphing it. They've normalised pets now so they all do the same damage and can all be spec'd into 3 different specs. Ferocity is the highest damage dealing spec. If you glyph it, you can turn off growl and dash etc on your main pet and it will be copied by the stampede pets, and they won't waste focus. If you are spec'd ferocity for the utility in pvp, then I'd recommend not glyphing it and just having 5 ferocity pets in your stable.

    2. You can either put it on passive and use the default key binding ctrl + 1 to tell it to attack things or you can make macros for your shots and put /petattack into the macro.

    3. (I don't PvP so I'll leave this for someone else)

    4. In PvE, for Survival and BM at least, hit/expertise > crit > mastery > haste. Not sure where pvp power and resillience come into it.

    5. Blink strikes is the highest single target ability, Glaive toss does the most single target but Powershot can be useful in situations for the knockback. I'd probably hazard a guess at Thrill of the Hunt being strong in PvP but Fervor would also be strong for burst-y situations.

    6. If I were to PvP, I'd definitely use Solace (removes DoTs when trapped/scattered) Camouflage and the Mirrored blades glyph can be very strong when used correctly. But if I'm wrong there, then I'd say disengage for the extra movement.

    As I said, I don't really PvP but I've been raiding for years and I hope you find some of this useful

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    From a PvP POV,

    1. Depending on the comp you are playing, you'd want buff/debuff pets. Serpent for 10% AS, Quilen for 5% crit, Fox for casting debuff, T-Rex for healing debuff, Spirit Beast for Mastery/Heal, Spider for a root during stampede, and your cc pets ie Shale Spiders/Cranes are all good pets to go with.

    2. Key to being a good BM hunter in both PvP and PvE is pet micromanagement. Bind pet attack, pet assist/passive, move to and follow.

    3. Still use either Crane or Shale spider depending on whether they share dr with team mate ccs. Swapping to a casting debuff pet for wizard cleaves is acceptable if you can land your traps off teammate ccs.

    4. Everyone has 65% base resil now, so agi is the best stat. Secondary stat wise, Crit and Mastery are best stats for a BM hunter, but I'd say go mastery because atm securing a kill is almost always with cds up, and your pet would benefit the most from that as a BM hunter.

    5. For this season, you would never pick any other talent in tier 5 other than Blink Strike.

    6. Those 3 glyphs you mentioned are what you'd want to usually have. Other situational glyphs to swap depending on enemy comp/map would be disengage, animal bond, master's call, mirrored blades, and mend pet.

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    Thanks for the great answers! Rank 1 next. Confusing to start all over.

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    4. Differs from every hunter in PvE. Amethons answer is therefore very wrong. But it seems like you play PvP mostly - I know nothing about it. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rullis View Post
    4. Differs from every hunter in PvE. Amethons answer is therefore very wrong. But it seems like you play PvP mostly - I know nothing about it. Good luck!
    I wouldn't say very wrong seeing as he's just levelled a hunter so he's about 60 ilevels away from needing to worry about haste getting stronger.

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    read this and you'll likely beable to play a hunter better than 96% of hunters

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    The thing is that site only covers PvE. I have read some of it tho, since I do some LFRs etc.

    As for the level 60 talent. What do you guys roll with in arenas/bgs?

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