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  • Humans

    13 5.26%
  • Dwarves

    21 8.50%
  • Night Elves

    33 13.36%
  • Draenei

    17 6.88%
  • Gnomes

    6 2.43%
  • Worgen

    15 6.07%
  • Pandaren

    5 2.02%
  • Orcs

    25 10.12%
  • Trolls

    21 8.50%
  • Tauren

    10 4.05%
  • Goblins

    3 1.21%
  • Blood Elves

    42 17.00%
  • Forsaken

    36 14.57%
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    17% blood elves. /cry

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    orcs (pre garrosh), night elves, demons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    I've been passionate about the orcs lore since I began playing warcraft, and its why i took such an interest in seeing how the orcs evolved, from the shamanistic tribesmen, to the savage and brutal warrior (which seem just like cut and paste copies of warhammer orcs), to the orcs as they were in wc3, and I really liked the progression of there story.

    Its also why, where as everyone else is so cheering about killing kor'khron in 5.3, I'm not getting any joy from it. I'm just disappointed in the developers, in making the orcs into mad guys once again, even against the other races of the horde, just to have an antagonist in the final patch. This is why they removed Thrall as warchief, so they could demonize the orcs yet again and have us kill them.
    this, I like them for the same reason
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    1. Undead, but only the Scourge. The poll only has Forsaken, so I didn't vote them.

    2. Human, but only the humans from pretty much every nation except Stormwind. Didn't vote them because the playable humans are only from Stormwind (sadly )

    3. Blood elves, love both Silvermoon and Kael'thas' elves. Voted them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sukhoi View Post
    17% blood elves. /cry
    Yeah, the good taste in this thread is pretty overwhelming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spichora View Post
    Night Elves ! Of course Night elves!

    Almost all races in WoW got their development in World of Warcraft, except them! I dont like how every race in Alliance got some developing and strengthening up while Night elves remain same and becoming harder and harder to notice under the Shadow of GREAT ALLIANCE (Human, dwarf and even gnomes!) and Horde.

    Humans get tones of development almost in every patch ! Onyxia, Varian Wrynn, Anduin Wrynn, Tyrion, Jaina etc. Their Racial history have formed into once Glorious name the old Alliance had. Imo they are capable to go against the Whole Horde sometimes.

    Dwarves - at least they got their story in Cata and MoP. They have united into one banner and there is something interesting going in there.

    Worgens - they are too new and I guess MoP is just not their expansion

    Gnomes - even those funny guys got some in-game change they are trying to reclaim Gnomeregan and the Starting quests are quite interesting ! Lets be honest this is the race who needs least Developments in Game, because of their lifestyle.

    Draenei - same as Night Elves.

    Orcs - they are "leader" race in Horde, like Humans in Alliance so they get quite good development in every expansion. In TBC, in WolTk it was quite good to see brave orcs, Saurfang little and big, sometimes even Garrosh was good guy back then, but sometimes. *spy* In cata Thrall got all the orcs Development LoL. No comments about MoP its so obvious.
    Troll - trolls got quite good development in history of WoW too. TBC Zandalari patch. Cata 4.2, MoP 5.2 and 5.3.

    Undead - Woltk was almost dedicated to them and their revenge. Even in Cata they almost conquered almost whole Northern part of Eastern Kingdoms.

    Blood Elves - TBC ....... Woltk and Malygos. In MoP I started to respect these guys, especially Lor'themar Theron. Aethas is quite suspicious character but it got some develpment. In general Blood Elves became my second favorite race in Horde. They have quite epic History.

    Goblins - They quickly fitted in the role of Hordes Gnomes and now they are main engineers for Horde and can be seen in every patch. In every elite team etc.

    Night Elves didnt got any Lore yet in game. We knew Night Elves as totally different race until wow. Independent, strong race who tore his foe with great ferocity and Cunning, strong bounds with Nature and Demigods, once capable to Defeat Legion alone. One of the most biggest power keepers (i mean Well of Eternity and World Tree). In WC3 I loved the race. I was astonished how Tyrande managed to get through Alliance & Horde combined armies and Scourge. How she managed to waken Malfurion and then once again drive foul Legion back. That Night Elves were epic, but now I see them like Sitting at Home Moms and servants to humans (I have used these phrase in lot of threads but it fits to situation very well). In WoW there was not even a single patch dadicated to them not to talk about Expansion. In TBC they got absolutely no Lore. Just Illidan and Maiev who had no contact to Night Elven Society. In WOLTK they hardly appeared in some areas like dragonblight (But I might be mistaken as I skipped that expansion, didnt played it). In Cata they just got Jarod back and Cenarius who had made 0 action after their return. I mean 0 ! I hoped Mount Hyjal would be more Night Elfish territory and dadicated to Night Elves but they shared this story with Tauren and in the end in was Cenarion Circle's land. OK they got little lore in 4.2 as fendral got mad and Leiara got mad. In MoP nothing happened, Tyrande just got her ass into Pandaria to help Varian in what ?
    I voted for Night Elf as well. In Vanilla, we get Teldrassil, Ashenvale, Felwood, Azshara, Darkshore, and Winterspring as NE zones. But what happens there? Outside of Ashenvale and Teldrassil, there isn't a lot of NE stuff going on. There isn't much development until Mount Hyjal and the Firelands are put into the game.

    What I am hoping for is that the Night Elves get a lot of development in an Azshara/Emerald Dream expansion. This is where they flesh them out. Defeating Azshara and N'Zoth seems like a personal battle for the Night Elves. I almost think I'd prefer it if on the alliance side of things, if the Night Elves lead the charge instead of the humans.

    And I guess in the same way, a legion expansion could highly develop the Draenei.

    MoP seems to be the expansion that has really developed the Horde with only the forsaken not really in the picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    Yeah, the good taste in this thread is pretty overwhelming.

    I like Silvermoon and the surrounding starter zone. Lore and gameplay wise, that's about it.

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    Forsaken. I always loved how they were pragmatic and unapologetic, and how righteous paladins hate them with foam at their mouths for not being hypocrites.

    I'm actually happy they've been out of focus in this expansion, otherwise Sylvanas might've caught Garrosh's dumb cliche villain virus.
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