View Poll Results: Which race's lore are yomost passionate about?

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  • Humans

    13 5.26%
  • Dwarves

    21 8.50%
  • Night Elves

    33 13.36%
  • Draenei

    17 6.88%
  • Gnomes

    6 2.43%
  • Worgen

    15 6.07%
  • Pandaren

    5 2.02%
  • Orcs

    25 10.12%
  • Trolls

    21 8.50%
  • Tauren

    10 4.05%
  • Goblins

    3 1.21%
  • Blood Elves

    42 17.00%
  • Forsaken

    36 14.57%
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    Which races lore are you the most passionate about ...

    To see if Blizzard's focus on the Horde lore is warranted, let's do a quick poll to see which race's lore is the most popular ...

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    I love them so much.
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    Night elves, everything related with the Well of Eternity, Azshara, Cenarius and the first druids, it's one of the reasons why the night elves are my favourite race.

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    It's tough to say, Night Elves has so much depth from the books so I enjoy it quite a bit but in terms of lore I'd love to know more about:

    - Story of the race of Humans and how they built up after descending from Vrykul
    - Troll society and civilization
    - Gnomes, how do they work?

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    - Kinda want to see a huge battles with dwarves running over the snowy hills of Dun Morogh and slay stuff!
    - The three council stuff, when will it be a new king or (queen?)
    - Will Bronzebeard wake up from crystal?

    Footnote: I have never read a WoW lore book and doubt I will, though I would like to uncover this by playing WoW not reading about it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moppe View Post
    Footnote: I have never read a WoW lore book and doubt I will, though I would like to uncover this by playing WoW not reading about it!
    I agree. I'm sad that they didn't put more effort into telling the storylines in-game instead.

    Personally I'm a sucker for Orc lore... It's mostly the 'proud' savageness that makes me interested.

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    Don't they have books in game that explain the lore? I remember when I played there was a library in the dwarf home city and it had quite a few in game books you could read. I would assume they could add in abbreviated lore entries there to cover all of the lore that was included in the novels and such.

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    I've been passionate about the orcs lore since I began playing warcraft, and its why i took such an interest in seeing how the orcs evolved, from the shamanistic tribesmen, to the savage and brutal warrior (which seem just like cut and paste copies of warhammer orcs), to the orcs as they were in wc3, and I really liked the progression of there story.

    Its also why, where as everyone else is so cheering about killing kor'khron in 5.3, I'm not getting any joy from it. I'm just disappointed in the developers, in making the orcs into mad guys once again, even against the other races of the horde, just to have an antagonist in the final patch. This is why they removed Thrall as warchief, so they could demonize the orcs yet again and have us kill them.


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    I suppose it would be Humans.

    They have a very rich history. Each Kingdom was/is different which fleshed out the race in a major way that to me surpassed the differences we see amongst the Orcish clans for example. The story of how they overcame the odds of the Horde in the Second War and political tensions that followed in particular with Gilneas and Stromgarde who had issues with the Alliance at the time with justifiable opinions.

    Over time this has pretty much gone due to the collapse of Kingdoms or changes in social beliefs such as the Gilneas and Genn who radically changed after the events surrounding the Worgen Curse.

    I think people don't give enough credit to the Humans story in WoW and simply write them off as "just Humans" when in fact their story is probably the best of any of the races on Warcraft.
    However it is understandable as much of what I enjoyed about Humans in Warcraft has largely evaporated due to homogenization of the different cultures and complete lack of inner conflict within the Humans that once made them a great piece of story.

    My close second would be High/Blood Elves.

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    Definitely Trolls.

    I like my in-game tribe in particular and their involvement with the Horde, but in general i like all the Troll lore, because it's extremely rich and fascinating, from the more scholar Zandalari, the more savage Amani and Gurubashi, and the numerous splintered tribes that all have, who more who less, their own story and evolution.

    What i like in particular is the fact that while they have never been the main focus of the story, in the same time they were a persistent and constant presence, this game essentialy had always had trolls in their background, from the forest trolls of WC2, the Darkspear of WC3, all the background received in WoW that showed them as probably the most ancient race of Azeroth, which fought epic conflicts like the one against the Aqir (the modern Qiraj/Nerubian/Mantid) while nearly all the other races (night elves included) had to wait thousand of years before even appearing; then Vanilla had the Ata'lai, the Gurubashi in Zul'gurub and the Zandalari as neutral supporters, TBC Zul'jin and the Amani, Wotlk the Drakkari and all the storyline with the Zandalari in Cata/MoP (yeah, sadden me a little to outright killing Zandalari in the Isle of Thunder, but the story makes sense, even if someone didn't get it).

    Also, i always liked the curious attitude of the trolls as savage, brutal and even cruel fighters, even more violent and ferocious of the orcs, still they always aimed to protect and preserve their own territory, not conquer or invading others, even if they do so with extreme hostility; even when they were the dominant race of the world, with two immense empires, they never cared about conquest, instead they had to fight and keep their ground against races that loved it, like the Aqir and the "primordial" Night Elves.

    P.S. about the lore in-game, in MoP there is much more lore in game with the Scrolls around Pandaria. Lore behind the Mogu, the Thunder King and the Zandalari is pretty well explained in those ones.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    Its also why, where as everyone else is so cheering about killing kor'khron in 5.3, I'm not getting any joy from it. I'm just disappointed in the developers, in making the orcs into mad guys once again, even against the other races of the horde, just to have an antagonist in the final patch. This is why they removed Thrall as warchief, so they could demonize the orcs yet again and have us kill them.
    I don't like it aswell, while i completely understand the reasons; still, i don't think that the whole point was to "demonize" the orcs. The orcish race, even in the retcon of Rise of the Horde, has always been intended as a peaceful and honorable race before the mess with Gul'dan, still a race with a "dark side", which is the whole reason for which Kil'jaeden had an interest in them; when properly motivated or simply "exposed" (with the blood of Mannoroth) could had be able to overtake them and lead them to a dark path. They are not monsters, but they are not humans aswell, they meet corruption in different ways and for different reasons.

    And their story, now more than before, proves that the Hellscream lineage is the one that always put the orcish race on the worst path; and they are FAR more dangerous than a mad warlock like Gul'dan, that needs corruption, ploting and manipulation, the Hellscreams put their race in the worst direction with good motivations, promises of domination, prosperity and, most importantly and most dangerous, obsessive pride.

    I'm not pissed with Garrosh lorewise mostly because i never liked Grom aswell, nor his overstimated title as "hero": Grom was not a "hero", he was a "last-minute hero" which is very different. Grom is not his son, and Garrosh is not his father, but they share the same lineage and for different flaws and different mistakes, still they are leading the orcs to their doom.

    What makes Garrosh very horrific even compared to his father is that he doesn't understand that Grom was not that big hero, he doesn't even think that his father was a murderer, while not only him, but most of the orcs became such because of the demon blood; he's not essentialy evil, he simply have a complete lack of morality, like his father, but unlike him, Garrosh doesn't even have the true pride of an orc warrior, he's just prideful of his victories with no regard of how he achieves them (like Theramore) because he thinks that this is what his father would have wanted for ensure the orcs a better future. Crap.

    The Hellscream line needs to end. Now and forever. We cannot endure everytime their messes and then hoping in some "last-minute redemption". Enough is enough.
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    Forsaken by an infinite amount.

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    Tauren by a quadruple amount of infinite.
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    poor goblins

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    Draenei/Narru. I'm really curious to see if they are going to connect the Narru and Titans somehow.

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    Night Elves and Dwarves
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    Originally, Blood Elves. I loved them so much. I've recently had a change of heart and went Alliance, which is stupid because it was right before blood elves actually got some love in 5.1 >.<

    Still, as an Alli now, I would say Worgen. They have precious little lore and I'm getting really sick of how Genn is mute and Gilneas is just forgotten.
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    The lore I'm most passionate about is generally the lore that is least touched on.

    BElf, Draenei, Worgen for sure.
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    Definately Blood Elves. Just love their lore.

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    Blood Elves.

    Their addiction/dependence on magic gives the race an interesting distinction from the rest of the setting's races on a physiological level; kind of like how the Forsaken are fundamentally antithetical to life, Blood Elves are antithetical to "no magic".
    Because of their ability to leech magic, they're interesting when placed next to demons; I love the sense that underneath their fabulous hair and good looks, they really have a core that's twisted. Generally, that these "perfect people" aren't quite so perfect when you put them under a microscope.
    Their racial leaders are, IMO, the most interesting in the game. Lor'themar is the best leader the Blood Elves could have and possibly the best racial leader in the game, but if he had the opportunity, he'd give up the job in a heartbeat.
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    Trolls. Since I started playing the uniqueness of Warcraft Trolls got my eye. Now, everytime I see a different kind of Troll in fiction I frown upon.

    And I got really sad when they turned the Zandalari into "bad" guys. Knowing that the moment I meet Rastakhan will be to raid Zuldazar and kill my fellow Trolls makes me even sadder.
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