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    5.3 RBG Classes (Boomkin still necessary?)

    So, I currently play Boomkin (I was the only one with a druid, and Boomkin was pretty damn close to necessary last patch). Currently our comp looks like follows, with me leading:

    DPS: Boomkin, Spriest, DK, Lock, Lock (one will be demo for FC maps this patch) and we usually pug a mage or Ele sham if we cannot find a mage.
    Healers: Disc, RDruid, pug MW/RSham

    My question mainly focuses on me and the DK. With the Solar Beam nerf to half size, is it even worth taking a Boomkin and having the DK spec Gorefiend's? It at most pull 4 people in, and the radius looks pretty damn small now. My old main for PvP was Ret, and my buddy was getting pretty visibly pissed yesterday exclaiming they are the new nasty spec and claiming OQ was looking all over for them. I didn't see any of that, and while PvP on the pally feels better, I'm not too convinced.

    TL;DR: Boomkin still necessary, or should I be doing RBG's as Hunter/Ret/WW/Feral? What do you guys think?

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    I dunno if boomkins are still good or not but they're certainly more so than feral/ret, if you don't feel like chickening anymore maybe go hunter.

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    Just a tip, Demo locks that are tank glyphed (Demon hunting, Dark Apothesis) will take the same amount of damage as a regular FC tank (50% increased)

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    Are they required? No. Are they absolutely one of the best dps classes you can bring into your RBG? Yes.

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    Ret is squishy, but when it is not the focus it add a lot of support (off heal, dispel, hand of protection and so on). So, find what your group needs more.

    On solar beam, you can still use mass entanglement + solar beam to some heavy CC, combine with bash and cyc and you remove a healer from the game for up to 19 seconds.

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    gorefiend/solar is still an awesome combo even though both of them were nerfed a bit.

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