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    Jin'rokh Heroic 25 Bugged?

    Jin'rokh 25 HC seems to be bugged for us.

    We've had several tries this reset, the boss randomly melees multiple people, DPS die to random 1 shots during Lightning storm etc.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

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    Resto Druid force of nature is messing with threat. Tell them to respec something useful. It's posted in the bug reports on wow forums

    It may have been fixed as of this morning with restarts, but I didn't see it mentioned. It's not a good talent anyway. The awkward part is that it doesn't change threat, they're just randomly targeting people who aren't even close on omen/tidy plates

    Last edit: here's one of the posts

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    can confirm that druid treents messing it up (not sure if was the boomkin, or resto) but all our druids speced out of it and it went away.

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    No issues with treants on our kill this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Almonds1 View Post
    No issues with treants on our kill this week.
    They've hotfixed it.

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