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    Fire PVP - Combustion dispell protection?

    Title says it all.

    Fire has some great burst in every deep if you know what your doing. But only really works as god comp or with an affliction lock to seal the deal since its raped by dispels. Which makes the damage windows pretty easy to predict with a competent dispeller.

    Thoughts on combustion getting dispel protect treatment??? Cause atm it's just purely used for the extra pyro proc it can provide during a deep due to it not being on the gcd.

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    Bumping no love for fire pvp?

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    cc/silence dispeler. The only way actually. Or put cc on somebody to force dispel cced target against bursted.
    But actually combust do not provide much dot damage to pvp targets. Also fire still pretty weak for pvp because haven't any burst damage except lucky deepfreeze. If you catch somebody without trinket and def cds then you have great chances to kill this target. But you know - thats rare happens even at low mmr. All other time fire just sux. Too low damage overall.

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