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    Invocation not working properly since 5.3

    Anyone noticed that many times once you finish casting evocation you dont actually get the Inovcation buff ?

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    I have noticed over the past few month's that my evo will randomly stop mid cast. The only area where I get this issue is in org near a set of training dummies. Not sure if its add-on related or just something buggy in-game. Is it happening to you in raids?

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    I only just noticed it this morning doing the Battlefield: Barrens. At first I thought I was getting interrupted or ending the cast early. But there were times I stood perfectly still out of combat and did not start to cast something immediately upon finishing. Still no buff (sometimes).

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    Yep, guess I'm just gonna go the lazy route with incanters till it's fixed, not gonna sit there evocating 2,3 even 4 times till I get the buff.

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    Same here - noticed it many times on Tortos last night and thought it was me messing up, but it wasn't.

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    Same thing here. Luckily it never happened during a fight but its still rather annoying.

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    Have had the same problem during the raid today, gg.

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    Oh, I usually don't even notice myself doing Invocation but noticed it wasn't buffing me, thought it was me ending the cast too early.

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    1/10 casts dont give the buff after like 50 evocs :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtuous View Post
    Oh, I usually don't even notice myself doing Invocation but noticed it wasn't buffing me, thought it was me ending the cast too early.

    I thought exactly the same... feels bad.

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    I thought I was just missing my casts last night.. this explains it.
    I was like "wtf am i doing wrong?!"
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    Had it happen like 25% of evo's used during Brawler's Guild fights but, thankfully, never during the raid ( it did happen to another mage quite a few times ).

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    Man, and I thought I was just clipping it too early last night, this explains it.

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    I noticed this happening on the ptr about a week ago, but thought it was just me being crazy. Noticed it again on live last night and again, thought I was just clipping it accidentally. I'm gonna be real annoyed if it's an actual bug introduced from the patch that we have to deal with :/

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    And here I was thinking that I was derping and casting too early. TO THE BUG REPORT FORUMS!

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    I thought it was just lag from all the people playing... Well I hope it gets fixed soon.
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    yeah this is still happening it's pretty frustrating

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    Good to know this wasn't me screwing up.
    Hopefully we get a hotfix soon.

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    I hadn't noticed the buff not coming up, however I did notice the heal from glyphed invo not procing while I was doing dailies. This explains it.

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