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    Ultimate Rogue Combo?

    [Backstab] (0) >
    [Adrenaline Rush] (1) >
    [Headcrack] (2) >
    [Eviscerate] (2) >
    [Edwin Van Cleef] (3) >
    [Cold Blood] (1) on Van Cleef

    Total Mana Cost: 9 (endgame play)
    End Result: A 16/12 Van Cleef on the field (as well as some spell damage)

    Of course this would be a SUPER RARE combo to have available, but seeing some great potential with the few Rogue cards we know of. Combo Deck?


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    I think you'd better hope your opponent wasn't holding onto something like a Hex or a Polymorph!

    I'm new to CCG's like Hearthstone but I think it's best not to put all your eggs in one basket. Also from what I've read it's never a great idea to plan a deck around combo-ing 4 and 5 cards together like that; 2, maybe 3 is much more realistic and hitting the opponent with smaller combos, more often, will have a better net effect near the end of the game when you can play your Van Cleef with 2 other cards, and the opponent has wasted they're big spells, board clears and executes on your previous threatening combos.

    Having said that I've never played a CCG in my life, so what do I know! haha

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    Yeah Torun has it right. You really don't want to have a combo that requires that many cards. However nothing is more satisfying than landing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFNK View Post
    ... However nothing is more satisfying than landing it.
    Yeah, absolutely!

    Combo strategy has had a following within CCG/TCGs over the years. One infamous case is from YuGiOh, where you have EXODIA. You have to get all 5 pieces of the ultra rare card in to your hand, at which point you automatically win the match.

    You would try and make a solid deck of course, with those cards in it.... then on that off chance that you get the combo cards (or similar) at the endgame. You could essentially use other cards in that combo, you would just want to have [Edwin Van Cleef] and [Cold Blood], playing ANY 3-4 spells prior to [Edwin Van Cleef] followed by [Cold Blood] will give similar results.

    I can certainly see "Combo Deck" gameplay to be the essence of the Rogue class. This means that there may be lots of satisfying endgame chains that you can attempt to pull off. Although I am not necessarily interested in playing the Rogue class, it's really interesting.

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    Would be very satisfying to actually pull this off, but how would you have dealt with all of the enemy minions/hero up to that point? You're talking about saving a ton of low mana cost cards, or hoping to pull enough cards by turn 9 to have 6 in your hand, and then of course as someone above said if they have one of a number of cards like hex or poly or mind control tech or brawl or anything that potentially just dismantles the whole play.

    I think the rogue would've been blown up by then, but of course with enough games played you would probably see it (monkeys Shakespeare etc etc)

    New to CCG/TCGs too, so I really don't know much beyond the videos we have seen, but totally pumped to get into some deck theorycrafting during beta

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    It's precisely that pure challenge, and requirement of insane luck that makes those kind of combos satisfying. lol
    pretty much a gimmick, but I really hope to see the occasional ridiculous combo being pulled off. Granted I am not really planning that kind of gameplay myself, I'm more of a Burn-Aggro player.

    Without trying to advertise too much, I wrote an article on recognized TCG/CCG Deck Types, including "Combo Decks" over at "Hearthstone Players"... I am not going to post the url in the interest of following forum policy, but should be easy to Google if you want to learn more about deck types.

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    The highest Rogue combo I have found (while incredibly improbable) is this:
    In hand (min)
    1 Card Prev Turn: assassins Blade
    1 Parrot
    2x Shadow Step
    2x Cold Blood
    1 Shiv
    3 Pirates
    1 Random (hope for 2 mana spell)

    1.Equip Assassins blade Previous turn
    2. Captain's Parrot (2) -> Step (0)-> Captain's Parrot -> Step (0)-> Captain's Parrot(0) (Draws you 3 pirate cards ideally 2x Dread Corsair) (Cost 2 Mana)
    3. 2x Dread Corsair (2 Mana) #3 cards 2 mana turns into 7 card play
    4. 2x Cold Blood on Corsairs 2x (7/3) (2 mana)
    5. 1 Shiv (1 mana)
    7. Any number of 0 mana cards you want (Coin if have)
    8. Edwin Min (23/23) Max (2 backstabs/prep/another 2 mana spell/coin) (33/33)

    End Field: Assassins Blade equiped (3/3-4) Captains Parrot (1/2) Dread Corsair (7/3 - taunt) Dread Corsair (7/3 - taunt) Edwin min (21/21 - stealth) max (31/31 - stealth)

    Then you proceed to get flame striked + taunt minion Ediwn has to come out to kill Sen'ju because it is turn 10 and you have been saving cards so you have like 4 health so he kill you next turn he gets polymorphed. BUT IT WAS STILL AWSOME...
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    With all the low cost rogue cards you can get an ~11/11 around turn 5 I believe and that would be on the low side (even more with an auctioneer up). No need to wait until turn nine.

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    The Necromancer and his assistant!

    Note that AR is no longer in game. Also note that, in general, the rogue decks are about getting secondary effects off of spells, but the creatures are very vulnerable to removal and silence of all sorts. If you didn't spend your early turns playing small creatures to duke it out, as a combo deck normally doesn't have those cards in great suffusion, you will note that your opponent's removal will have been burning a hole in his hand, and it'll land right on you. Conceal can buy you a turn, but is by no means a guarantee of a win, as much aoe can kill through that, and taunts can trade nicely (you'll gladly throw a shieldmaster away to cancel out like seven of his cards).

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    This kind of combo is pretty nice, but it is really hard to have on the field in your turn.
    All heros can have a good combo like it, but I prefer to hit with 4/4 or 4/2 or 2/2 card than a 30/30.

    you have 30 cards, and this combo require 7 or 8 cards, and you need to be on 7 or 8 turn, you will play all the game around this combo waiting for the right cards. I'm sure when you drop this big guy on field your enemy will have a counter for it, sap, hex, poli, execute, mind control, freeze or another kind of CC, and you will be frustrated.

    The best combo is when you can use the same card for more than one combo, and all your mini combos needs to use less than 2 or 3 cards.
    Sometimes it should be a draw combo, or a massive damage combo, or something to drop on board and wait one or two turns to buff it.

    I think the best combo ever is draw cards, as fast as you can draw more chances you have to win.

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    doing cleef at turn 9 for low combo is silly.

    you can get MUCH better with 9/9 on turn 3
    or 11/11 turn 4.
    but going for it is bad idea. you probably prefer defias in opening hand, to get the tempo, or you must use it with what you have, or with auctioneer on turn 6/8.

    its amazing card, but dont wait to combo it, or you will die in turn 7.

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