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    Heroic Durumu Video


    curious is people want to see more of videos like this or more of a how to guide, trying to get some ideas on what the community wants to see

    feedback plz

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    Honest opinion, nobody is going to give a crap about your guild kill videos except the people in them and maybe a couple of people you know.

    People not affiliated with your guild itself only care about either :
    a) - how to do the fight, a boss guide
    b) - if you're in a top 20 (probs even top 10) guild and getting the first kills, first views people can get of a heroic boss.

    video is fine but it's nothing special compared to the others of the same.

    sidenote : i liked the one where you wiped council better =P

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    Please post your video under General forum. There is a video/pic thread there.

    Closing thread.
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