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    Fury Questions - Hit, Haste and Trinkets

    First off, warrior in question is Costo on Stormreaver, feel free to armory if necessary. At the moment, I sit at 13.51% hit, and 11.59% haste. I'm rocking Brutal Talisman/Spark for trinkets, and i'm looking at upgrades to use bonus on. My excess hit at the moment is coming from dual TF Zerat's...so that can't be helped much.

    Question 1 - AskMrRobot is recommending that at the bottom of my stat priority list should be haste, just slightly below hard-capping hit. Is this accurate? I use ReforgeLite, and my priority is hit(7.5), exp(7.5), crit, mastery, hit(cap), haste. This usually aligns pretty closely with what I get out of AMR, so I've stuck with it for now.

    Question 2 - I get from AMR that BiS trinkets are Feather and Brutal Talisman, but I see a lot of debate about where in that lineup gaze fits in. On top of that, is feather's value diminished by the fact I'm already 5% over hit soft cap? Is it still better than spark? I've heard that the proc is just too good to pass up and i'm not opposed to using it when I get it, just not sure at the moment.

    Thanks for all the help!

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    Yeah haste is pretty much the worst stat.

    Looks like there may still be a bit of excess hit you can reforge off (eg. helm).

    Trinket wise, the proc off the Feather is awesome, you can reforge some of the hit to crit. It's BiS. I think technically Gaze is 2nd BiS with the Shadow-Pan close-ish 3rd (it's value would be higher if you're struggling to hit expertise cap but in all BiS gear you wont be). Pass the Spark to the Unholy DKs

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    Collision post puts N talisman above N gaze. I've the same dilemma as you. For last week I switched my twins with brutal and I feel that the results are pretty close. I'm not sure whether it is accurate to say that twins crit is better for longer sustained fights and brutal for burst fights. I also am not sure if it is accurate to say that for Brutal works best for fights where the raid heros and you pop cds at staty (because brutal procs often on pull and you aleady get crit bonus on banner/reck) . ive read that simcraft tend to underestimate the uptime for gaze. Too much info for me.. I've been swapping between the two combinations for long enough and have now decided to alternate trinket combos every week.

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    Alright then, i'll keep putting coins into Ji-Kun for the feather. That had been my gameplan, but wanted to confirm. I only started maining on my warrior at 5.2, and I'd been arms forever since then so it's been a push to first learn fury and then learn to gear for it - was a rough patch lol, but I'm now pretty happy with fury numbers. Thanks for the help guys, cross your fingers for Ji-Kun tonight.

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