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    PvP resilience Basing

    Dear Blizzard,

    I was curious about the aftermath of the base resilience change. While reading the latest changes in patch 5.3, I have seen that basing resilience could help in certain aspects of the game, such as categorizing players with the same gear level in BGs. However, I always looked gear as being the big decision in picking between PvE and PvP. With this new change, I do not see the point in getting PvP gear since all the resilience is based. That being said, why don't I start raiding, get epic raiding gear with better stats on it than PvP gear, and que for rateds and arenas? I would get the same amount of resilience as other players (with the exceptions of resil gemming, which I can just gem my new PvE gear with) and I would have better stats in concern to crit chance and spell power (pvp/pve). For example, with the new Escalation patch that was released yesterday, I was anxious to WPvP in the barrens; However, when I got there, I found myself hitting only 20-30k crits on PvE players. Moreover, I would find myself getting hit twice as hard with the better stats that the PvE gear has to offer, while being unable to have any affect on the Pve geared, enemy players. At one point, I found myself hitting 10k crits on a paladin; all the while I am geared with a combination of Malevolent and Tyrannical PvP gear pieces. Can I get some information on the reasons for this change. While I am aware it has some benefits, I feel that this change to PvP made an unprecedented balance to the clash between PvE and PvP players, and as a result, inherently abolished the need to exult PvP gear over PvE gear in PvP situations. As stated previously, while I am aware that this change brings certain opportunities to the game, this game change not only hindered the game play for PvP players, but also eradicated the fundamental tradition of obtaining resilience to rise above one's foes. Any further information on this topic would be greatly appreciated, and any consideration for reform pertaining to this change would also be appreciated.

    A concerned player.

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