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    Blood DK T15 4 pc

    hey guys!
    I just started to play the dk blood again. It was my main until the first tier of cataclysm..
    Now i wonder, is the 4 pieces set bonus really useful for the survival? Since the chest, hands and legs are mastery-less i have thought that only the head and the shoulders with a lot of mastery, with the other 3 slots free from tier to get a lot more mastery than the set.

    1 more thing, besides the dream to get the exp/mastery polearm, what is the best weapon to take? i've the 2/2 496 shinka..

    thanks in advance!

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    Blood 2 set is nice for the free rune tap but 4 set is garbage, get your 2 set and then whatever pieces have the most mastery and other useful stats.

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