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    Character models: What do you want to see?

    The fact that we are getting new character models is pretty much a given thing. And lately I've been thinking about what to expect.

    I'm assuming that they will stick mostly to the current way characters are made (standard model, tweaks in colour and face and such) and not go full out with dozens of sliders and options like games as Skyrim have.

    Something I would really like to see though, that we get some diversity in the models as well. Similar to the other options just give us a few different body types. No major changes just some difference in weight, muscle and age would be awesome. Like if I make a human female right now I always end up with a young pretty one because even when I pick an old face and grey hair the body will always be that of a 20 yr old which is just iffy.
    Tweaks depending on race would also be great. Undead, I imagine, could choose between showing lots of bones or hardly any bones. Races with large outstanding features (like troll/elf ears) could maybe choose to have them damaged. Minor tweaks like that would greatly improve the diversity I think.

    What would you like to see with the new character models?

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    ild also appreciate class specific body shapes. i mean come on. according to lore trolls are supposed to weight 250 pounds+ and the skinny males might fit to warlocks but as warriors? also more animations would be neat on some classes.

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    I like there to be more options than having males pumped up on steroids, and super-skinny females for just about every race. Multiple models per race would be cool.
    I don't really need slider bars a la Skyrim, but more different options than just five per race/gender would be fantastic.

    Tattoos and scars would be nice. Being able to edit the Worgen's beast and human forms seperately from each other too (not like there's a clear link there anyway beyond arbitrarily linking two options from either form together). If you're going to make one option decide the other, have it make sense, like hair/fur colour.
    Have eye-colour independent from faces for races where that matters. I like your troll/elf ear idea.

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    My night elves left hand is crooked. If i have a large fist weapon it gets burried in my leg. Also human males are ugly af. And every race should be like my main, male dwarf, and have 2 death animations.

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    I remember at some point a blue said that you should expect as much detail as the pandaren got, so I'm deeply interested to see what the art teams are up to.
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    Your pretty funny Op ....the new models will be no more then the panda models are now . That being said if you expect a lot you will be very very sad

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    A man can dream
    I think I'll live if it's just that. I'm just hoping they will go a little further and a few more options.

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    a model from a race that can be a death knight on the alliance side that looks better than worgen
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    I want to see time and resources going into something that actually matters.

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    While different character model options per race would be great, not to mention more things to customize, let's be realistic; we're not getting that. About what we are getting, I have two concerns:

    1. Blizzard makes things look a lot more brutal and gritty these days. Take for example how every weapon and metal armor since Wrath has looked banged up, rusted and damaged. Nothing is imperfect anymore. There's a large chance they will extend this to the new models, making them all look like a bunch of scarred beasts that look to be in a frenzy and haven't slept in 5 weeks. In part it's understandable; they'll want to show off details, and blank skin doesn't show that well. So expect wrinkles, lines, dark bags under eyes, perhaps scars. On the plus side, expect freckles for elves..

    2. Sub-races. Last we heard about it, they were still thinking about making things like Dark Iron Dwarves and dark-skinned orcs available to the player. I'm thinking it'll be one of the first things scrapped if they decide to rush it. Blood Elves and Draenei are also on the list for scrapping if they decide to rush it, I believe.

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    If this makes any sense, I don't want to see the silhouettes change too much... By which I mean when you see a Tauren or an Orc or an Undead running at you, you get a very quick idea in your head based on stride, height, the way they carry themselves that it's a Tauren or an Orc or an Undead. One change I'd like to make would be to have Orcs less hunched over. I'd also like to see Night Elves shrink maybe half-a-head so they're only slightly taller than Blood/High Elves, but that's just personal preference.

    With the exception of Female Orcs and Trolls, I'd like to see all of the new models' faces, beards, hairstyles etc just basically be nice, highly polished high-res versions of the ones we already have. Maybe a bit of extra flourish.

    Animation-wise, beyond making sure the new skeletal animation captures the tone of the old one I'll be happy just to have bit more expression in the faces and some updated combat animations. Maybe a bit of flourish tossed in for good measure.

    Lastly: I'm a big fan of Gnomes. I'm hoping Gnomes aren't changed too much. Obviously they need some work, but I think they've held up as well as the Belfs/Draenei personally. Consider that Gnomes were basically a last-minute addition to Vanilla when Blizzard couldn't conceptualize another fourth Alliance race. There's several years of polish in the animation and model quality that humans/dwarves/orcs/tauren just don't have because they were built literally years earlier during early early alphas of the game.

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    I also want Orcs to be able to close their mouths...

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    give big boobies and booty!

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    The main thing which is bugging me at the moment is Blood Elf Male Hunters. Try strafing whilst shooting forwards, your waist seems to flatten itself, and thats a horrifying issue, particularly for the Blood Elf who would have died from that deformation. Also for the love of God fix their Foxtail hair style. Its weighting is half the head and half to the back. The result is that when you turn your head it screws up. Even the Human Male Foxtail haircuit works fine. Oh and also do something about their Shoulder Pads. I'd like them to be on the Shoulders, not hovering away from them.

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    I just hope the Blood Elves and Draenei wont be skipped,that's all

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    I would like to see Dark Iron Dwarves as well as regular dwarves. I would also like to see thin, medium and large models as well. In my minds eye I see cloth wearers being thing and plate wearers being burly and muscular. I just don't get a human mage and a human warrior being the same size.

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    Would like Orcs to look exactly like Thrall.
    Taurens to get their mouths / nose remodeled with more pixels maybe.

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    Orcs to look similar to this, preferably not hunched.

    Or this image above, that's what an ideal Orc should look like to be honest. Oh and class specific body weight as another suggested, though that's probably a lot more to ask for but it can't hurt to wish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kalo View Post
    ild also appreciate class specific body shapes. i mean come on. according to lore trolls are supposed to weight 250 pounds+ and the skinny males might fit to warlocks but as warriors? also more animations would be neat on some classes.
    This is exactly what I want more than anything.

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    New Voices.
    I know it may sound weird (and not model related) but sounds/voices need as much revamp as models do. Female tauren /cry is something comparable to thousands nails being slowly hammered down you brain.
    I would love new voices to be more clear, and have a little more spirit in them. Right now they seem overly calm.

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