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    Help with my Hunter partner

    Hi, we have a hunter on our raid that we think is not doing the dps she should do with their ilvl. Right now she is BM because we need bloodlust/heroism and she is using a ferocit pet.
    Her armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/es/characte...anaya/advanced
    Log from alst day: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/3urq9huyekoqhh6r/
    In the log you have two hunters i would apreciate help for both but I'm more interested in Lanaya. She is using the same glyphs and talents on every fight so you can see them at her armory.

    I hope you can help us, thank you in advance.

    PD: sorry for my english not my nature language

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    she can change her gem in the boots to full agi, 60 mastery isn't worth gemming the bonus.

    uhm for some reason her pet ain't using bite as often as it could, there's alot of other threads here about bite/claw/smack not working correctly after the patch for everyone and she seem to be affected by this problem, best guess would be to bind bite to all her abilities so she doesn't lose out on that source as BM.
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    Just quickly comparing the two hunters gear wise, your other hunter is using ilvl 530 weapon and 522 renetakis over Lanayas 502 talisman and 502 weapon. FD sims Yaloves at 147k and Lanaya at 125k in SV. With that in mind, id say Lanaya is keeping up with the other hunter at least.

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    We know that both are not doing the best they can but while Lanaya had some time to improve her dps, Yaloves didn´t have time to look at his dps
    Any other thing i can tell her to improve her dps? thank you
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