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    Rogue starting in PVP


    I am a long time pve player and I have never done PVP. But I finnaly want to try and get into pvp now. What are tips? Which specs should I pick? How do I get pvp gear? Where should I start? What should I avoid?

    I have never ever tried any form of pvp so I could use some help with what I should do.

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    I cannot advise you into how to play your rogue as the only class I have seriously pvped on his my hunter. In order to start getting pvp gear you need to start farming honor. To do this either queue random bg's or the call to arms bg. Once you have enough to buy a piece (anywhere from 1250-2250 honor) visit the Pandaria pvp vendor to buy Malevolent gear. Once you are in full Malevolent/ close to full you can begin capping your Conquest every week. It works like Valor and there are 3 main sources of acquiring it. Random battlegrounds will grant you 100 conquest a win up until right below conquest cap, so will arenas. Rated battlegrounds can get you fully capped, and most players do one at the end of the week on top of arena cap to fully cap. Once you have saved up enough Conquest you can go to the same area and talk to the conquest vendor to buy Tyrannical gear. Also make sure you are doing Nalak/Sha every week and using a coin on them for an extra chance at pvp gear.

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    I currently have gotten myself some starter pvp gear and I have 6k pvp power. But that is a 0% damage and healing increase, that shouldn't be right. Does anyone know the problem??

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    Stun, Stun, Stun, Stun, Stun, Stun, Vanish! Stealth...

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    In all in seriousness, its alot about locking down your opponents especially in 2's. Go sublety and pick up the talents. [Subterfuge, combat rediness, cheat death, shadowstep, paralyctic poison & shuriken toss.] Glyphs, [Glyph of blind, glyph of garrote, glyph of shadow walk.] Watch some pvp video's to get a good idea of what to do during oeners & how to pull them off correctly for more damage. Hope this helped :P

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    Do not follow Jadenprince tips, a lot of wrong information there.


    Deadly Throw vs Caster Teams | Nerve Strike in General | Combat Readiness vs Melee Cleaves
    Cheat Death vs Comps that can only kill you in a stun (thug cleave/rmp) | Elusiveness in General
    Shadowstep in General | Cloak and Dagger vs Tripple DPS/Melee Cleaves
    Prey of the Weak in General | Paralytic Poison vs Tripple DPS
    Marked for Death


    Glyph of Blind is a must, after the recent nerf to Garrote and Cheap Shot glyph in 5.3, im concidering to swap out one of them atleast to Glyph of Feint (garrote vs melee cleaves and cheap shot vs caster cleaves).

    I'm pretty sure there's a guide on Arena-Junkies which is a good way to start, it's kind of outdated for 5.3, but it should be fine for the most part.

    Edit: http://www.arenajunkies.com/topic/22...ed-by-reckful/ found it.


    3% hit > 3% expertise > Mastery > Crit > Haste


    Agility Mastery
    Agility Hit (so you can reforge into more mastery)
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    Where to get gear --> see the PvP forum.

    Starting as a rogue in PvP --> see the sticky at the top of this forum.

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    He asked what spec he should pick, so I said Windwalker, which is better than any Rogue spec. Noob moderator

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vital View Post
    He asked what spec he should pick, so I said Windwalker, which is better than any Rogue spec. Noob moderator
    My banstick senses are tingling!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Solidsteel View Post
    I cannot advise you into how to play your rogue as the only class I have seriously pvped on his my hunter.
    This is the Rogue forum. You can tell by looking at the top of the page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyuru View Post
    Prey of the Weak in General | Paralytic Poison vs Tripple DPS
    I feel Dirty Tricks would be a better "in general" talent than a simple 10% bonus damage talent like Prey on the Weak.

    It frees up the glyph slot that Glyph of Blind would fill, and you can place Glyph of Gouge in its stead for increased control.

    I cannot count how many times either I or a game/arena have been saved by a gouge that does not break from my bleeds, has no positional requirement and no energy cost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the9tail View Post
    This is the Rogue forum. You can tell by looking at the top of the page.
    Yet he still gave a better answer than you. Do you read his entire post?

    @OP: following their suggestions you could actually go ahead and try capping conquest (arenas for starters) in your PvE gear now that 65% resil is baseline. Use a mix of that, honor gear, and the crafted gear to get yourself started.
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    Yeah currently working hard on my gear. Actually got quite a bit now and doing quite well. So I think I have properly started in pvp!

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    I'm a little late to the party but here are a few tips -

    - keep Slice and Dice up 100%, it's super important and your damage will drop really badly without it.
    - Combat Readiness is best if you're being focused by melee but for mixed/caster arena teams and for RBGs Nerve Strike is godly. during Subterfuge you can Cheap Shot 3 people standing apart for 4.5 seconds, causing them to do 50% reduced damage and 10% reduced healing for 6 seconds afterwards.
    - if you're setting up for burst/kill make a mental checklist - do they have trinket? do i have Slice and Dice up? do I have a Rupture on my target for Sanguinary Vein or is redirect off cooldown so I can swap 5cp onto them for the Rupture. if you think it's a good time, pool 99% energy, pop Shadowblades and Dance and go nuts.
    - your damage outside of opener/Shadowdance isn't going to kill anything. it's a matter of preference but I barely use Backstab, Hemo's lower cost means more combo points and more utility stuff. if you can't get a restealth, you've used/you're saving your Vanish, and you're not ready to set up a kill, make sure you're peeling and making as much of a nuisance of yourself as you can, Blinding/Redirect Kidney Shotting/Shiving Mind Numbing on Casters or Paralytic on melee depending on you're specced. try to kite people into a bad spot to make the kill available.
    - don't be afraid to wait in stealth for your opener, especially vs. stealth teams. you can Shroud of Concealment on your team and ALWAYS try to get a Sap, but you can chill out until opponent stealths/invisibility has broken, you can follow up the Sap with a 2nd half length, you can wait for an opponent to overreach and open when they're vulnerable.
    - if your Shadow Walk isn't on cooldown use it for your opener to ensure you can attack without being detected first.
    -in 5 man dungeons, Arms Warriors again are the weakest link in the chain as they require 3X amount of healing as other classes and therefore die much more frequently and receive less healing in general, as with the amount of mana spent to keep an Arms Warrior alive the healer can heal all other members and himself.

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