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    Tier 15 set bonus, sucks for affliction ?

    I am not sure if someone could clarify someting for me maybe.

    But the tier 15 4 piece set bonus is sucky in my eyes.

    MG is about 8-9 % of my damage. Corruption about 14%

    Tier 14 2 piece bonus is a 10% increase in corruption damage, and this enw bonus is only 5%

    So in my eyes it's seems like a very big dmg loss to get the 4 piece tier 15 compared to 2 piece tier 14.

    or Does the 5% dmg increase also increase the dmg MG let's your dot's inflic immediately ?

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    t15= more intellect and secondary stats. With tier 15 piece you can get to haste breakpoints where you cant with t14. More intellect and better haste breakpoits>any set bonus

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    Its 5% of MG and DS dmg(that is everything they do) not sure how anyone thinks they would actually make the set bonus only effect the dmg MG and DS did themselves

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    I think it sucks even more for Destruction.

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    The 4pc seems underwhelming for Destro and Aff, though I wouldn't want to presume judgement without proper theorycraft to back it up (which is outside of my scope).

    Still, I wouldn't be surprised at all if people with access to the respective gear started going for 2pc only, replacing the other pieces with hcTF alternatives.

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    It was clarified more than once that t15 4p set bonus works for MG/DS AND ghost dots.
    They all get 5% dmg buff.

    The set is "crap" because of it's secondary stats and the existence of thunderforged equipments. You're better stacking haste with afflic than getting useless crit.

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    the 4 pc bonus is worth dropping only if you have 2x heroic TF items to replace. preferably not shoulder or legs. The helm socket bonus is aweful

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    T15 sucks, but it's not worth clinging onto T14 and neglecting the huge raw stat increases ToT gear gives.

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    It's been discussed already and even proven that using all 541 pieces with proper itemization is superior or equal to using 2 or 4pc T15 for Affliction. It's a very very bad tier set for the spec.

    Source - post I made regarding it a while back though it really hasn't changed:

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    not every1 has access to thunderforged heroic gear, woz but you're right, t15 setbonuses are very very poor and only really the 2pc is worth going for in my opinion(if barely), the 4pc just doesnt fit very well with how the boss fights in ToT are, with very very few single target fights where MG can shine and have even a remote uptime that would justify getting it.

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    Yes true but the same standard can be adopted for normal mode gear as well since TF gear will have just more stats regardless of being heroic or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woz View Post
    Yes true but the same standard can be adopted for normal mode gear as well since TF gear will have just more stats regardless of being heroic or not.
    Or simply having access to heroic off-set pieces, but not heroic tier for that slot.

    It's simply a case of +xilevel > tier.

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