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    If it makes you feel any better, he's not a lone. I brewmaster kite bats on heroic tortos, and on that fight we have our prot warrior go fury while our druid tanks the boss. Problem is our druid has been having to go more stam than crit for gemming due to how hard some of the mechanics hit. Net result: fury warrior grabs threat pretty hard. So I just went ahead and took the boss on pulls, held it while the warrior's cds were up, and then he'd taunt off me.

    tl;dr a simpler solution may be to just have your offtank take threat first, then DK taunts and uses the lead to stay ahead.

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    Off topic. Dnt use goul and army on pull use mid fight when u have high vengance for lots of extra deeps.

    But yeah
    Pre pot
    Rune of fallen crusader.
    Dont pull with outbreak (i used till. Then i heard it did zero threat.........)
    Just fully rape ur runes with death strikes and heart strikes till u can get DRW (glyph it) up then pop empowered rune weapon and carry on. I mean on the pull dont be saving your death strikes to try heal your self up and stuff healers got nothing to heal as u pull just faceroll for a few seconds and all is well.
    Use a strength flask.

    I mean i dont open like this due to been a dps whore i kinda save all that stuff for when i do a /sit for high vengance.
    But i think this will help you keep threat.

    If all this fails. Recruit a rouge or hunter for tricks/misdirect
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    The last time I had ST issues was on MsV before I capped hit/soft exp, and when I did, everything was fine (and I didn't pre-pot or used any cd pre-pull). The only time I have issues nowdays is on the Horridon adds tanking, but unglyphed Army works quite well, so its pretty much a non-issue atm. I out-dps our prot pala by quite a bit, and at times I steal his aggro just by dpsing, though I'm not sure how prot palas are doing atm dps-wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buhrag View Post

    Hello, I would like to know any tips I could get to give to our Blood DK tank for opening threat. Myself, as a Fury warrior, and our other melee in our 10 man are both having issues with pulling aggro off our tanks, specifically our dk (other is a prot paladin). Its to the point where I'm pulling threat 9/10 times with cooldowns up, and 4-5/10 if I delay my cooldowns. And many times, if I don't pull threat off him, its our other melee.

    Is there anything he can do to help his opening threat before his vengeance stacks, other than us DPS holding our collective horses?

    Subsequent question, is there any way to get the runic power for a DRW before a pull, reliably without trash/burning empower runic weapon?

    Will post WoL soon if needed.
    Here's what I did back when I was a DK tank (until start of MoP). Basically, if I knew people would blow all cooldowns right off the bat at the start of the fight, I'd do two Death Strikes to get 40 Runic Power, followed by Empower Rune Weapon to get a total of 65, then IMMEDIATELY use glyphed Dancing Rune Weapon, to get +100% extra threat, and since ERW filled all my runes up for me, I follow with two more Death Strikes. Usually that helped me for threat.
    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    You're claiming one of the main concerns of NPC design is "how would a class based on this NPC play like?"
    An NPC that could be a potential class. Yes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Teriz View Post
    You are actually saying Lightforged Draenei lose their ability to pilot a mech when arriving on Azeroth.
    Until otherwise indicated, that would be the indication.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheNationGamer View Post
    Care to explain why most top tier guilds are recruiting mostly paladins and monks

    as a top tier dk myself...i felt we were not at that level of dps other tanks were pulling due to the fact other tanks could gem towards haste and crit without losing that much survivability and still be able to maintain during progression.

    Which leads to why vengeance is being nerfed as well
    Because monks and paladins are both superior tanks compared to dks. Nothing more to it. They offer better mitigation, better smoothness in damage in take, more dps, and more raid utility. Same reason I keep all 5 tanks leveled and geared, easy to swap between all of them for the purpose of progression.

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