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    New to PvP... help?

    I'm grinding out my JP for heirlooms at the moment, and my next toon will be PvP focused (with instances here and there.)
    Now, I have a very baseline question.

    I don't want the most "OP", and I don't want the "best". What I wanna know is, what's a good class for someone who isn't familiar with PvP? I'm a huge fan of healing, and I've done PvP heals a bit just before hitting 90, but I don't want that pressure at this point. I'll get enough of that in my PvE world.

    So, as someone who plays healz main, what might a good DPS option be? I was thinking a lock/mage, but I'm worried about my viability.

    If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Please give reasons, if you can.

    If you could also suggest a good pair for the class, I'd appreciate it. My boyfriend and I play together, and he'll want to be right there with me in BGs. He's open to prettty much anything, but pally/shammy coupling are off the table, as that is our current set up.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    It comes down to how you define "fun"

    If you're looking for a solid class with insane cooldowns and way better than average non-cd damage with SOME complexity, go feral. -you can reroll healing if you want to that way too.-
    If seeing big numbers and peels interest you, go WW monk.
    If you think smashing your face onto the keyboard is fun, go hunter.

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    I think your first decision should be whether you want to play a ranged or melee DPS class.

    From there, Id say go with the class whose playstyle you find most enjoyable.

    It can be fun sneaking around and backstabbing as a Rogue, it also can be fun throwing frost and/or fireballs at people.

    With enough practice, you can and will be able to more than hold your own as almost any class or spec.

    I am a diehard spellcaster myself, and have both a Mage and Lock I PvP on. The Lock is stronger, but for me the Mage has a more fun playstyle and gets most of my /played.

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    Go feral, easiest class to play if you are new to pvp. It has some complexity but you won't need to learn a lot to win games at lower ratings. You can play boomkin in bgs and have a lot of fun too.

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    Rogue gets boring really fast imo. Warlock are strong but destro is rather easy so could get boring too. Maybe try ench shammy, decent burst and lots of tools.
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    all i can say is welcome to mists of pandaria, where PvP is at its most f***ed up status ever.
    even 1-shot pvp in lvl 60s was better than this [email protected]#$.

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    We don't really allow "what class should I play" threads. The best you can do is just playing a class you like, experience will come by itself.
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