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    New games?

    Hi, i was wondering if anyone could give me any tips on other MMO games which you could recommend a fellow player to play.
    I simply loved WoW but with this patch its become clear to me that this game just simply doesnt go in the direction i would like to, so anything similar to WoW would be great.

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    Wildstar is coming out in novembrr and looks great

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    Rift come join the ascended

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    Theres already a thread for game suggestions!/page38

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratharold View Post
    Rift come join the ascended
    Rift went f2p for a reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratharold View Post
    Rift come join the ascended
    Playing it already but im just not getting the feel of it, you know?
    First warfront people jumped off a ledge and didnt even take any damage at all, at first it made me laugh and then it just made me sad.
    Im looking at GW2 for the dark dreary look but since i cant get a demo version of it im not really sure

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    I would recomend rift if you want something very similar to wow.

    Theres also
    Sw: Tor. It's very similar to wow in terms of combat and gameplay, although it has a bigger focus on the lvling progress. Theres a unique story for every class and most quests is fully voice acted. Theres also the classic moral system which you usually find in modern bioware games. So your choices affect how the quests turn out in the end.

    Tera online. This is an eastern mmo so if your not into some wierd asian shit it's probably not the game for you. The combat system in this game differs alot from the combat system in wow. The questing is EXTREMLY boring, it's basically vanilla standard quests and the lvl cap is 60. The end game is fairly good right now imo. They have a few raids and a few hardmode dungeons so there is stuff to do at max lvl.

    Neverwinter online. This is a new f2p game and it's still in (open) beta so you can jump in w/e you want. It's based on the old D&D forgotten realms so if you ever played d&d you will probably recognize a few things. I haven't personally played the game much but what i've seen of it is good. The combat is similar to Tera but, imo, slightly worse. You don't feel the weight behind the attacks the same way you do in tera and you have fewer abilities. The questing is good and as I said I haven't played that much and I expect it would get better at higher lvls.

    The secret world. This is a fairly different game. The combat is much like wow. However there is a big difference. There is no lvls so in theory you can jump into the endgame the moment you start. This is not ideal however because you get skills points as you do quests which can be spent to purchase new abilities. The questing in this game is imo one of the best I've seen in an mmo. I really loved the way you have to investigate and think in order to solve some of the quests. The game takes place in a post apocalyptic world so most of the modern tech is there. There is an inbuilt web browser and as you would do in real life the game encoureges you to use google to find the key to some quests, it's very cool in that way you have to really think outside the box sometimes.
    The end game imo is fairly dull. It's very similar to wows model with hardmode dungeons and raids.

    Atm all these games, apart from rift, is F2P atm so you can just jump in w/e you feel like it.
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    Wow, such suggestions... Well I guess he didn't actually mention he wants to play a good MMO.

    Synapses, stick to wow. Really, none of the suggested games will be able to satisfy you more than wow even in the state it's currently in. I dunno, try rerolling, try changing factions, anything, rather than attempt to focus on one of these horr...excellent MMOs. Try to hang on to wow until November and watch the websites of Wildstar and The Elder Scrolls Online. One has to allow pre-orders and paid beta access in the near future.

    I already tried all MMOs and betas of MMOs on the market and they're all bad, each of them for different reasons. Sure they may get your attention for a few hours but I doubt you'll last 2 days before deleting them.

    As I said, there is nothing good right now. On the other hand if you know you are easily entertained, scratch everything I said, you may like them.
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    "Similar to WoW" is really what everything put out recently has tried to do. Naturally they haven't been able to live up to it. Feeling as you, OP, I bought into several of them hoping they would fit the bill. Having played WoW on and off since beta, I've gotten used to having fluid abilities, movement, and combat. This is one of the biggest things to me that other MMO's can't match. There's just a feel that's not quite right (not that WoW is perfect), and they feel rather clunky. No matter how unbalanced and f***ed up WoW can be at times, there is nothing that can really come close.

    SW:TOR, GW2, Rift, all meh in comparison. Some really missed the mark more than others. Gameplay, combat, questing, and endgame are all decimated by WoW.

    In all honesty, you will have more satisfying enjoyment if you try to forget WoW endgame for a moment and either level another toon, quest in areas you haven't quested in (since before or after cata), level professions, pretty much anything even as basic as that in WoW will still be more enjoyable than the other MMO's out today.

    A few other games I've enjoyed while taking breaks from WoW recently (not online necessarily) - Hitman series, Farcry3, Crysis, Dishonored, and even still get pleasure out of a heavily modded up GTA4
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    Quote Originally Posted by ridish View Post
    Theres already a thread for game suggestions!/page38
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