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    Good Gold making guide

    Can anyone recommend a good gold making guide i'm not very good at making gold and i want to get better.

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    scroll this page, there are plenty of farming tips
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    yep you could do worse reading the threads on here.

    people who dont make gold tend to be those who really dont put the effort in.

    Learn the basics of economics such as supply and demand, then apply it to wow. Rinse and repeat lots of gold.

    You should take all gold making guides with a pinch of salt though because all servers are different. What works on one server might not on the other.
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    I think alchemy has a transmute for making gold...


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    There a quite a bit of information within this "Professions" section of the forums. If that doesn't help Google will be your best bet.

    Best to perhaps tell us what you're working with. Professions? Level? How much gold you have?

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    Google my two coppers ....lots of info and links to more info

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starving Artist View Post
    Google my two coppers ....lots of info and links to more info
    MTC has had a lot of issues in the past, and with its founder trying to scam people with his "ebook"s.

    I also feel the site is outdated, and most of those that were active members moved to stormspire.

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    Hmmm. Actually it is not that hard to make gold at all.

    There are tons of markets you can play on.

    You can farm low level 5man dungeons with your lvl 90 and sell all the greens on the AH. Playing the transmogg market.

    Another quite effective method requires some more chars since you need Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, Alchemy with Transmute spec, Mining and Blacksmithing.

    First you gather ore. Now you got tons of possibilities. First you can transmute ore with alchemy. Second you can prospect ore with Jewelcrafting. Third you can craft stuff with Jewelcrafting/Blacksmithing and disenchant it right away. You can sell enchants or enchant mats. Last but not least you can craft blacksmith items and sell them.

    Profit margins heavily depend on the server you play on and the people being active in each market.

    Another method does not require any profession. All you will do is play the action house. You buy items that where listed to cheap and relist them for the correct market price. Of course it is impossible to know all the market prices. You don't have to. Just check the itemid on Undermine Journal. https://eu.theunderminejournal.com/c...category=deals

    If you are a fan of old raids you can still make a lot of money doing them. Gather all the green items and if you are a miner gather all the ore/gems you can find in them. Blood of the mountain in Molten Core can sell for quite a few bucks. Additionally all the old raids drop pets now.
    Gather them. Put them in a cage and sell them.
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