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    Soloing Chess Event

    I have been trying to do this for a few days now without much luck does anyone have any advice on how to solo the Chess event?

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    Move the pawn in front of the king up one space. Control the king the rest of the fight, move him out of fire and dps things down. There is a small chance to fail. This strat has worked for me for a couple years.

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    There are several great guides on youtube. Honestly though, it often boils down to luck. How the opposing king is moved pretty much decides the game when it comes to soloing, at least in my experience.
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    Here you can find a guide

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    Move pawn in front of your king. Take over your queen, nuke things. When he cheats, get out of the queen ASAP, control king, move it out of fire. Then move a pawn in front of a knight, then move a rook out. Keep controlling this nuke until the next time he cheats, and then move the king to safety again. Go back to the queen at this point until it dies, jumping to king when it cheats fire to him. Try to keep king back a bit so that it doesn't get hit by caster pieces.

    Only take the time to use a bishop to heal the king after the queen dies.

    I was able to do this on the 2nd try by doing this, and only because a botched the 1st attempt with a few bad mistakes.

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    The way I do it to control and move the 3 pawns closest to the king one square forward. This gives the king 3 spaces to move when the guy cheats. Then I just spam bloodlust on CD and cleave otherwise. This used to work almost every time pre-patch though I've had trouble with the clerics pocketing the enemy king for the full game post 5.3. After 4 tries it eventually worked again (though it was a very close match).

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    I have always had issues with this. Tried a few strats and still lose, because it will not let me control certain pieces sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwank05 View Post
    I have always had issues with this. Tried a few strats and still lose, because it will not let me control certain pieces sometimes.
    MIght be because there's a cooldown once you leave a piece, so you can't switch so easily. Easiest thing to do here, since the AI is dumb, to have enemy king hug yours, and once he cheats fire under you move a piece back. The king will follow into his own fire, effectively wiping himself. Was the most satisfying kill ever.
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    Move the piece infront of the king. Move the king for the rest of the fight, do not stand in fire. Nothing more.
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    I just did this today and I've never had a problem, even before the nerf but they other side was literally moving 4-5 peices at one time. It's def not nerfed but buffed or bugged.

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    Been doing this for year, solo event, but now I'm literally giving up.
    Did it 5 times and all that time Medvih cheat in such way what literally destroys my forces in second.
    Like getting opposite king buffed when he is in front of my king and lighting fire in most unfortunate way.
    Oh, i'm not even talking about their health regen, not sure if it was buffed or bugged but I saw their forces getting hp up fast and significantly even after their healers were dead.

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    It's funny, I used to solo chess all the time without problem (failed maybe one in five tries), but since the patch that supposedly made it easier to solo, I'm having more trouble.

    A friend was complaining last night they couldn't beat it so I went to try, and had three fails in a row. Maybe I'm just rusty or had a string of bad luck; I'll give it a shot again tonight.
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    Simple strat that works for me:

    Take the king and immediately exit.
    Grab the queen (conjurer) and move up two rows - she can go through the pawns. Use her to nuke the enemy king.
    When the fire comes, exit the conjurer and move back to the king. Move out of the fire.
    Stay in the king and hero on cooldown. Use swipe when anything gets close.
    Eventually you can line up on his king and it becomes a swipe race. Since you blasted him with the queen earlier, you should win the race.

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    Hero with the King
    Get out
    Get in the pawn in front of the king - move him forward
    Get out
    Get in the pawn in front of the queen - move him forward the same as the other one
    Get out
    Get in the queen and move... uhh... him forward - The king can now escape if Medihv cheats
    Get into a tower/water elemental - target their king and hit 3
    Get out
    Get into the other tower - do the same thing
    Get in the queen - target their king and pew pew

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    I do it slightly differently.

    1) get in king, hero
    2) move pawn in front of king up 1 space
    3) move Knight on the right (if alliance) or left (if horde) in front of the king
    4) move pawn in front of Queen up 1 space
    5) get in king. Hero/bloodlust on cooldown. Move out of fire when Medivh cheats. Use cleave attack whenever anything is within 2 spaces.

    This has a roughly 1 in 3 success rate solo.

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