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    Question Arma 2 - City/Island Life

    So I've been watching some videos about City/Island life on Arma 2 and was curious if anyone on here knew of an active server or forum to get me started as with things like this somewhere with corrupt admin or little to know player-base would really kill the experience before it even got started.

    For anyone who hasn't seen this before and might be interested i'll post a couple videos of it for you!

    Anyone who knows of a great community you're help is greatly appreciated!! thanks in advance.

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    Hi guys! feel free to join my Island life server hosted on a dedicated machine! we get well over 20 people on at peak times so its always fun!

    Just filter FS island life, you're looking for the falcon servers one!
    We save ammo,stats,guns,money AND cars!! no other server offers this!!

    Thanks gain and hope to see you on there soon!

    Reece, leader of FS

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