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    Help My BM Burst In Arena

    I'm currently playing 2s with a Ret Pally and I'm noticing that he's doing a considerable amount of damage more than me. I'm not sure if I'm not using my cooldowns in the correct order or what it is, but I see other hunters critting for over 100K whereas my crits (KC ~38K, Arcane ~28K, Powershot ~60K) are soft. I have a few pieces of Tyrannical (including weapon) but no weapon enchant and am still using the honor trinket (cant imagine those two things are the cause for that big of a damage gap). Feel free to armory (McDuffy) and provide any feedback!


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    Is it this one? http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...duffy/advanced
    if so, you're missing bracer enchant (lot of agi) cape enchant (lot of crit) leg armor (agi/crit) weapon enchant doesn't change too much unless you take the blastington one,
    no meta gem, so 3% crit and agi missing, also we gem agility/mastery not pvp power/resil now, also a little over the hit cap, reforge Mastery > crit > haste for pvp bm.
    and if you feel you really need more damage, spec your pet ferocity. (dangerous in arena when crits can kill)

    edit: and your ret partner is running with a pve trinket, the jikun one which i assume he games to pop his cd's when it reaches its peak.
    he's also in almost full tyrannical which does make a big difference.

    lastly, i don't think 100k crits are going to be common as bm, maybe against clothies, but other than powershot the most i crit is 80k~ with kill commands, (i'm full tyrannical) I also use glaive toss, so i don't see 100ks much at all xD
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    Hunterpower basically covered everything. Your partner is far more optimized and has PvE trinkets to play with. You on the other hand are gemmed incorrectly, aren't fully geared yet, not as much enchants and are running with a standard PvP trinket. Also, your friend is a human ret paladin = 2x pve trinkets.

    Ret paladins are also doing INSANE amounts of burst damage, whereas hunters are more of the sustained bursty damage. You're also more or less in the team to provide CC combined with damage.

    So yeah, basically it's pretty normal your partner will do a lot more damage than you simply because of his race, spec and gear.

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    Yeah, you aren't gemmed correctly and are missing some crucial gems like your meta gem. Also you are using 2 PvP trinkets instead of PvE ones like the Shadow Pan Offensive one that is 522 ilvl. In terms of burst order for CD's you want to blow bestial wrath before you use KC when it is up. Along with that, I like to pop rapid fire along with my engi gloves tinker or in your case your on use trinket. When you blow your rapid fire I suggest using powershot asap since it will have a much quicker cast time.

    For gems you want to use 160 agi in red, 80 agi and 80 pvp resil orange gems in yellow slots, and 80 agi 80 pvp power purple gems in your blue slots.

    For your enchants you want to put mastery on your gloves, agi on your bracers, the agi crit pant leg enchant, crit to back, agi and movement to boots, wep chain to weapon, and belt buckle with a red agi gem in it.

    Do that and it should help you out some.

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