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    Mogu coins +% loot affected by elder charms?

    Bliz put in this new system that if you use a coin and don't get loot, you get a slightly higher chance of getting loot next roll. (helps eliminate long bad luck streaks)

    Does this work for Elder charm coins as well?
    If so, does it use the same system/tracking, or is there a different system for the different Tier coins?

    I know that we will be doing HC first boss ToT this lockout. so in preparation I run old content lfr and use coins hoping NOT to get loot (yes there is a higher base chance of getting loot with elder coins). i keep doing older LFR till I roll 2-3 coins w/o getting loot from my ELDER coins - then do my HC boss and use my Mogu coin.
    does that Mogu coin have the +2-3 modifier from the Elder coins not giving loot?

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    No, the tracker is separate per loot type/coin type

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    That would be a mean feature, if the high drop rate Elder charm bonus rolls could reset your low drop rate Mogu bonus rolls.

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    I've done 34 bonus rolls so far, and had 0 loot. So stupid.. lets hope this new feature works

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shauren View Post
    No, the tracker is separate per loot type/coin type
    How do you know this? Have you done any research or is there a bluepost?
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