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    Tortos HC as Prot - EF a viable opion?

    Hi all,

    We're 3/13 HC and had a couple of pulls on tortos HC. We got it to 50% without too much trouble but it was coming to the end of the raid night, we were just getting the feel of the fight and end of the raid with us means derp city.

    I was wondering about a few things:

    I know SS is the go to talent for prots for obvious reasons but I was wondering about the usefulness of EF since overhealing would top off the shell, plus theres 100% benefit to EF applied to oneself. The obvious downsides are wasting HP on EF heals instead of sotr as well as SS is a general absorbon top of the crystal shell. But does the benefit outweigh the downside?

    I guess finally, what talents do people take for this fight? I was using US last night and HA. I've grown used to HA but I guess DP will give higher sotr uptime so should possibly go with that?

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    You said it yourself, the fact that EF consums holy power is a bit of a downside on this fight. The place where you would need the EF (during bats) would also be the time where you couldn't afford the holy power at all. I tried it for a while during progress but found myself switching back to SS fairly quickly.

    DP is great for this fight so long as you aren't doing it the way my guild does - cooldowns on every bat pack (using externals from a disc priest as well). Means I need the HA unfortunately!

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    Just get a BrM and have them kite. Lazy tank fight (for me, anyway) FTW.

    But otherwise, no, stick with SS. You should have ~100k+ absorbs from SS in 10m on HC Tortos, coupled with the crystal buff. SOI will be healing/topping faster than EF ticks, and it's passive/on anyway, so you're just kinda overkilling on "reactive" healing at the cost of an extra passive absorb (always better than reactive heals) AND ShotR time.
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