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    Shen - Reliquary acquisitions officer

    Name: Shen
    Race: Pandaren
    Gender: Male
    Class: Warrior (Raider)
    Languages: Pandaren, Orcish.
    Faction: Horde.
    Personality: Shen is a little close minded and old fashioned, especially for an outlaw. He draws a sharp distinction between the good people and bad people, which he decides mainly in terms of how they work for their living; - again an unusual predisposition for a robber. At his best he is confident, daring and likable. At his worst he is rude, rough, remorseless, hypocritical and unempathetic.
    Appearance: Shen is an imposing, black furred, scarred and bearded beast of a Pandaren; most often clad in heavy armour, toting a large weapon, and sporting a toothy smile.
    Strengths: Confident, capable warrior, enterprising, likable.
    Weaknesses: Likes to drink, arrogant, not too clever, bit of a bully.
    History: Shen was an outlaw of some notoriety prior to the parting of the mists known by the nickname ‘tiny’ Khan. With a mostly equal affiliation of several other bandits, he moved about Pandaria preying upon unwary travellers. Collectively they were became known as the 'the jadeblood gang'. With time, their notoriety, numbers, and methods grew; they progressed to opportunistic brutishness to collaborative organised crime. At their peak, the jadebloods comprised over a dozen outlaws (each with a handsome bounty on their heads), ran a protection racket over a number of inns and farms (of which five had been sacked and razed as examples), and a smuggling operation.

    Shortly before the mists parted, due to the increased size of the gang and threat they posed, more significant action was taken against their predations. After several embarassing defeats at the hands of organised farmers, financial pressure was placed upon the gang. Reprisals escalated, then dissent between the members over the more ruthless and bloody reprisals. One or more of the other outlaws betrayed the rest, accusations flew, and the whole gang fell apart up in a messy spate of backstabbing. What members didn't die or end up incarcerated were like Shen, widely hated fugitives.

    When the Horde and the Alliance came to Pandaria, Shen saw his chance and took it. Though nominally not enlisting a great many Pandaren from Pandaria, he ingratiated himself with the Reliquary- bringing them a cache of ancient Pandaren treasures he had looted, and promising to help them secure more if they were to take him on board (under the unassuming name of 'Shen'). He used to make a rudimentary effort to hide his past, claiming to be from the Wandering Isle- but knowing nothing about the place burst his bubble with those actually from the Wandering Isle called him out. It's a reasonably well known fact that Shen comes from a shady background. It's not too hard for those interested to find out he was once 'tiny' Khan. As a tabard wearing member of the Horde, though, would-be bounty hunters and disgruntled former victims have to weigh-up if it's worth raising arms against the Horde. That doesn't stop everyone, but it does mean Shen no longer has to live on the run. This is the basis of his increasingly enthusiastic loyalty to the Horde- many of whom don't even care that he was once a criminal (often once being much worse themselves).

    He shrugs off his criminal history as being the fault of others for ruining the economy of his farming community (bureaucrats, blood sucking merchants), insists he did what he needed to do, that anyone else would have done the same, that other criminals were worse than him, and indeed that he and the jadebloods improved the 'standards' and morality of crime. He even goes so far as to suggest that the Jadebloods were a benevolent organisation, or at least that the benevolent aspects of it counterbalanced or exceeded the criminal aspects.

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    A very interesting bio you have here! I liked the concept very much, it is truely original and exciting! And a solid bio with no contradictions as far as i can see.

    Looking forward to RP with you!



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