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    Smile [H] - Stormreaver - <Anhedonia> is Recruiting for 10man Heroic progression!

    Anhedonia was first formed on April 13th, 2008. Horde guild on Stormreaver. Anhedonia is a semi-hardcore raiding guild working on progressive raiding in Mists of Pandaria content. Our focus is 10 man raids.

    Raid Schedule
    Monday – 7:00PM – 11:00PM CST
    Tuesday - 7:00PM – 11:00PM CST
    Wednesday - 7:00PM – 11:00PM CST


    ToT – 7/13H

    We are currently recruiting the following classes

    2x DPS - Boomkin with resto offspec & Rogue

    Please understand that raid spots are limited. We are always interested in exceptional applicants.

    What we expect from you:

    Maintain high attendance

    Have high raid awareness

    Adapt quickly & fix any mistakes

    Be prepared with read & watch videos on boss encounters

    Have the best enchants & gems

    Feel free to apply at anhedonia.guildlaunch.com

    Please feel free to ask me anything in game, you can send me ingame mail – Lovelysia / My battletag is Silia# 1905 or contact Aelbram in game.
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    ToT – 2/13H

    H. Ji-Kun Next!

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    ToT – 3/13H

    H. Iron Qon & Tortos next!

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    We're still looking for a mage & a Holy Paladin!

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    Still looking for a mage!!!

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    Looking for a mage & ele shaman!

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    We're looking for a Boomkin!

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    We're looking for a Tank - Paladin/Warrior/DK/Druid

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    We're looking for a healer - Monk/Druid

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    Healer~~~~where are u??

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    We're looking for a hunter!!!
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    We're looking for 2x DPS - Boomkin with resto offspec & Rogue!!!

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