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    The mount goes for 1 mil on the BMAH within hours of it going up, minutes if you're on a big server.

    The current drop rate is 1%? You're effectively paying the raid 1k for a LK kill. I wouldn't even bother flying to ICC to open trade for 1k. I'm not even sure if I'd be willing to solo HLK25 for 10k, which is the fair price if you're going by 1% of a million.

    Short of soloing the fellow yourself, your best bet is to make a pact with a friend or two to kill the guy every week and share/roll the mount away, making sure whoever wins will still show up after to help out.
    Not even on big servers; even on MW's old stomping ground (Ysera), Invincible's Reins popped up on BMAH and it was at gold cap within 30 minutes.

    For those who are looking to sell this, I wouldn't ask for anything less than gold cap, honestly. I don't even have 100k right now, yet if I had a toon I could solo H LK with, I would laugh at that amount.

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    Also, keep in mind you can cross-realm raid ICC. So pretty much anyone who just said "I'd go", could in fact, go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LSPrimigenia View Post
    Also, keep in mind you can cross-realm raid ICC. So pretty much anyone who just said "I'd go", could in fact, go.
    But you can't trade gold cross-realm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mionelol View Post
    This is actually a pretty good question. I'm not sure how much to sell runs to Yogg-0/Ultraxion/LK25H at all. (on a week/week basis, not a single payment like the OP).

    I've been asked so many times to do it and everytime I literally have no clue how much to sell that.
    I've seen "Shadowmourne packs" for like 300k, where the guild runs you through week after week until you get your shadowmourne. This however, I think it would be much much more as a lump sum or rather large weekly payments.
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    Get a toon saved to LK, gather a group only for LK kill and probably you can get a handfull of ppl willing to only kill LK for a chance of 100k

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