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    Greetings. You may not know me well enough to care, but I am starting a WoW-MLP Crossover! *Flame Shields up for people who ignored title* Now, if you're a brony and want to help me, you can now. I want all your ideas on what races/class the Mane 6/villains/etc. should be. My rough ideas are this:

    Twilight Sparkle: Night Elf Mage
    Rainbow Dash: Human Monk/Rogue
    Rarity: Draenei ??? (Not sure on class)
    Pinkie Pie: Goblin Hunter
    Applejack: Pandaren Hunter
    Fluttershy: Worgen Druid (Would've made a Night Elf, but then I remembered "The Stare", and felt this was a bit more fitting.)
    Queen Chrysallis: Succubus
    Discord: Sha of Discord

    If you think some of the classes/races should be changed, or maybe some characters should be added/removed, please tell me.

    Onto the main storyline:

    Twilight Sparkle, as a new Princess, has been given the duty of investigating a strange portal that has appeared mysteriously in Canterlot. When she goes through the Portal, she is sent to a mysterious new land, and realizes she has been turned into a Night Elf. Of course, not knowing the first thing about Night Elves or where she is, she meets up with a few familiar voices. Two Hunters, one a Pandaren, the other a Goblin. They both own a farm in the Valley of Four Winds, where is located in Pandaria. They soon find out of a corruption in their land, and must save Pandaria from the reawakening of another Sha.

    Again, if you wish to make any alterations, that would be fine, too. Note that, for the sake of the story, it is NOT entire Lore-Accurate. But it will still keep most lore safe. (So no WoW shipping, fortunately.)

    This Fanfic shall be uploaded to Fimfiction once it is complete! Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy the end product.
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    Sorry mate but we only allow MLP stuff in the current MLP megathread, so I'm going to have to ask you to grab people from over there for this project.


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