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    Titan runestone drops.

    I have a question for you MMO forums. I couldn't find the dev answer on it on google/ in the official forums. It's about the legendary quest item called titan runestone. A lot of people have been saying that " if a boss doesn't drop one in normal/heroic mode, you can do lfr and get a chance at it"( i tried this week and no luck). However from what the devs been saying I thought it was that way :

    -You get one chance at a titan runestone on th.e last 6 bosses, whatever difficulty it is. If you clear Normal/heroic mode 12/12 and you get 0, doing lfr would be pointless because you missed your chance

    However, what they mean is that doing lfr would get you an extra chance at the titan runestone even if you already cleared 12/12.

    So my question is the following: Is this true, did anyone on those forums experience such things ( runestone dropping on a boss they killed for the 2nd time in the week) or is this just bullshit and what i thought it was is actually right.


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    I'm fairly sure that is just bullshit and you are right.

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    It is one chance per week per boss, whatever the difficulty. So no LFR does not give you a separate chance to get one.

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