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If they increase base resilience to %70 its all great.

you don't need to make childish excuses for not enjoying the game. Just so you know there was an issue with people not getting into pvp because it was a lot of work for people who just want to pvp for fun ; and pvp has never been about RPG elements as far as I'm concerned.
hard work?lmfao. it takes all of one day to get a full honor set of pvp gear,how is that hard?the change was made to hide real issues in wows pvp.also wow has lost alot of pvpers,blizz is trying to get no pvpers into lol bgs to hide the #'s loss.

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No, the issue with people not liking PvP was because they sucked and still do... but now they live 10 seconds longer and maybe get one killing blow per death instead of being raped non stop. Aside from that... this change didn't benefit anyone who was a hardcore PvPer... not to mention this wasn't even an issue the PvP community was worried about... they just wanted proper class balancing. Since blizzard has no idea what they're doing anymore when it comes to PvP... they decided to focus on the casual PvPers or people who rarely PvP... that's why the change was made so resil is a base stat.
bingo 100% correct!nice post.

i been saying the same thing all along.blizz never said they were improving pvp for pvpers,but rather just wanted to get non pvpers into bgs "lmfao".