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    Prot Paladin Haste when should it stop?

    My guilds is currently 5/13 heroic 10 working on Megaera and our paladin tank (Here) has been wondering if he should continue stacking haste as high as he can go or if he should focus on a sacred shield tick?
    I believe with the haste trinket off of Horridon and a haste elixir and whatnot he's reaching around 17.5k haste, that being said it's not like we're having any problems healing him, just wondering if there's a point where more haste just isn't helping anymore.

    Anywho thanks for your time.

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    21250 haste rating. (i.e. 50% haste, GCD cap )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefly33 View Post
    21250 haste rating. (i.e. 50% haste, GCD cap )
    I thought the 100% SotR uptime cap occured at something like 125% haste, meaning despite gcd cap we won't ever want to stop stacking the stat?

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    Please use the sticky above for basic stat prioritization questions. Closing.

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