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    Durumu Colorblind transistion. Weak aura needed.

    How do you get 25 ppl too look for the arrow there shows if y have the beam or not. At least we could use some help. Have any of y made an awesome weak aura or something. Haven't been able to find any out there, and i can only find the spell id's for the beam when you stand in them. Not the spell id for the little arrow over you head.

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    Are there arrows for the beams? There's a colorful debuff, a beam shooting out from the boss to you, and DBM marks and yells at people when configured. If they're missing all those, is a WA really going to be helpful?

    The only arrows I've seen in that fight are for Lingering Gaze (the purple pools), which also has a debuff and DBM yelling.

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    Not to mention, the default fight mechanics - no addons needed - also specifically name each person who is marked and print that information to the entire raid together.

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