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    We have:

    Healer, 2 dps.

    Healer, 2 dps

    Healer, 1 dps

    2 tanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrynil View Post
    My guild is doing this


    1- tank
    2- tank
    3- 3 dps 1 healer
    4- 3 dps 1 healer


    1- Tank + mage (hunter works aswell with readiness i think)
    2- 3 dps 1 healer
    3- 1 tank 2 dps 1 healer

    We however are doing chains first as most do - then the static shock one(not leveling this at all during first phase), You wont be taking much dmg and there are not much running at all. The Mage is in a quadrant with a tank so they both can take the bolts, while the mage can take both static shocks alone.
    This strat depends on 1 dps who can soak 2 alone.
    Why not have both tanks in first one, then 3 dps 1 healer rest? just curious to why you did it the other way. wouldn't be easier to have 2 tanks together.

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    Killed it!

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    then tanks jumped into the group of 2 and such.

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