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    Darn I must return to pawn Garrosh

    Ahh I can!t hold it back, I quitted WoW at the end of Cataclysm cuz the content was too hard for a causual player like me, and I just couldn!t get all the shiney gear I wanted.

    But I been always readin all the news about the changes and yea it!s time to crush some orc heads. I will sharpen my blades for my rogue and see you guys in the OGG Raid,


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    Welcome back, horde here but will happily crush that ignorant bastard's skull with you.
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    You don't stand next to someone and speak In Spanish in an uncrowded area. Thats not a freedom concept.

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    We really have enough Garrosh threads right now to choke a horse...or Garrosh himself.

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