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    522 Prot War and 525 Holy Pally LFG


    Don't bother posting spam, I won't read it even once.

    Two long time raiders looking for a solid raid group. We're both 1/13H this tier and 6/16H last. We both have exp raiding dating back to vanilla for me, BC for the pally.

    We can raid any day until 11PM EST. No later than 11PM EST. 10/25 doesn't matter, preferably Horde.

    We do NOT want to be benched, you'd be getting two solid raiders, and we're paying to xfer, we want to raid. If there is any chance, you'll bench both, or one of us, don't bother replying. The ideal situation would be your guild cannot raid currently because you're missing a tank and a healer.

    Logs and armorys available upon request. You won't be disappointed.

    Please leave your realid here! I will contact you

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    You'll never find a guild doing heroic mode where you'll have 100% raid time and never be benched unless you're literally the best players in the world. Especially when you're trying to join as a package deal.

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    Wow, can u be any more obnoxious. Being only 1/13H and demanding to have a raid spot available for u all the time. Not wanting to sit for fights even though another class may be much better for the fight. Ur not gonna be able to push progression with that attitude.

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