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    I wish I had enough gold on release of MoP. Destromath-US had Invincible's Reins on release day, only went for like 180k I think. Havn't seen a rare mount since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makarena View Post
    I'm curious where does all the gold come from then? A dead server is supposed to be dead thus no economy whatsoever and i'm pretty sure people ain't farming those old instances for 10-15gold vendor-price epics.
    Even doing stuff like dailies, LFR, selling stuff that people need regardless of population like sha crystals you can end up making 5-10k per week. Multiply that by years... millions.

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    I know this is slightly offtopic but do the any of the no longer obtainable mounts go on BMAH?

    EDIT: DM I found a list (
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    On Stormrage the following items are out:

    Flintlocke's Blasthammer 11,020 Bid, Medium left.
    Pattern: Stormbreaker Chestguard, 20k bid, Short left.
    Heroic Bonemender Bracers, 37k bid, Short left.
    And ofc 2x Blood-Soaked Invitation, 1102 big on both, Short left.

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