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Sorry but your list of abilities is mostly just a random list of abilities of other classes and has no real tie to this discussion whatsoever, if you think it's okay that Druids are Poly Immune and can shapeshift out of Root / Snare then please write down why but making just a list and write below is not an argument with actual content.
The Abilities I listed are all unique Abilities that certain classes have but no other class has, which is exactly the same as this topic "one unique Ability of one class" but for many classes. I meant to tell that the argument "Druid's repeated root removal via Shapeshift is OP because no other Classes have it" is bad because every Class has Abilities that other Classes don't have, and you must see each Class as a whole with its Abilities-Pool.

Now I'm not arguing about Druids being too powereful, as 18 Druids in the top 50 3v3 Arena Rankings apeak for an overrepresentation (A perfectly balanced Class would have 13 or 14 Representants) but the argument "Shapeshift is OP because only Druids have that" does not count for me.