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    517 Ret Pally 12/12N 5/13H Experience LF a weekend raiding guild

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for a Weekend Raiding guild, preferably Fri/Sat, mornings or evenings. Sundays only if morning. I may also consider very late night raids (after 12PM SVT)

    This toon has limited TOT kills (3/12) because my server's raiding scene is... not great :P. Which is why I want to transfer out. But I have ranked a few times in T14. My experience includes 9/16 H Tier 14 , 12/12N 5/13H Tier 15 on my main and so you know I have good experience.

    Your guild doesn't have to have amazing progression, as I'm ok with progressing with a group from an earlier point. About 5 or 6 NORMAL bosses down would be a great starting point though.

    Please post your recruitments here and add me bibibabibu#1742 for a chat I'm friendly and have a good attitude, and willing to progress with a dedicated group. I am willing to transfer/faction within the next week if needed.

    Plus points (nice to have, but NOT crucial):
    1. 25Man raids cos I wanna try it :P
    2. Alliance
    3. Matured and diverse players (25ish years good)
    4. Decent populated server.

    About me:
    1. Excellent team player, will not buckle down under pressure
    2. Always trying to perfect my play and checking on my class theorycrafting/simming
    3. Good raid discipline, have never raged, always early for raid.
    4. Can take constructive criticism, will also offer my thoughts if the raid strategy could be improved.
    5. Experienced and skilled Ret pally who knows more than just DPS, but also hands/auras/BOPS will win the day.
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    Hi bud - <Classic> on Frostmourne Alliance is looking for a Ret for our 10man roster. Currently 11/12. We raid Sundays 7-10 AEST (GMT+10) and Mondays 7-10 AEST (GMT+10).

    If you're interested drop an application here: classic-guild[dot]info

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