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    If you don't have a Druid, warlock, priest or monk in your group, you have more serious issues than falling off Ji-kun. If you really want go get the banana item that you can trip on, then you won't get pushed.

    OT: no we do not need another raid buff, and what reason would there be to add it? Otherwise there's no point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klausistklaus View Post
    I like that idea, seeing other classes with 15% base movement speed i always feel somewhat jeally. While warrior tend to be the iconic high mobility class i can't leap or charge or intervene around 24/7 when there's a boss hitting on me without causing further troubles with positioning etc.

    That became imminent on the of Will of the Emperor encounter, with my rather slow reaction time there were several close calls (where i needed to leap) while i had absolutely no problems on my bear (15%) or paladin (15-30%).

    Ps: for Ji-Kun i regulary need 1-2 charges + 1 leap to not fall of the plateau while starting at the center...
    First of all the 15% baseline speed buff doesn't exist anymore. You have to pick a talent to get that speed buff now and while it may be obvious on some encounters which talent to use, you certainly wouldn't take that talent by default.

    About Ji-Kun: If done properly, you don't fall off. Priest bubble, Druid Roar, Warlock gateway plus the things that most classes have to increase their movement speed.

    Honestly, a buff like that isn't needed at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myzou View Post
    The only class that has any reason to complain on that fight is Hunters.

    Unless a druid puts Symbiosis on them for sprint, they can't avoid falling off. Aspect of the Cheetah gets disabled during the winds.
    The trick is to have yourself get blown toward the furthest points. (Where you'd jump from to get to the lower nests) As long as you're not running through slime pools, Cheetah is perfectly fine to use. you just have to be quick about turning it off. Also, with the Glyph of Disengage, it's possible to gain about 10 yards back toward the boss during downdraft. Or you could use engineering rocket boosts. Whatever floats your boat.
    Quote Originally Posted by Winstonwolfe View Post
    In other words, he's worried about how sharp your bayonet is when you are firing RPG's.

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    If a Hunter falls off, s/he sucks.
    You have cheetah (30%, 38% glyphed aspect) - and no, it wont be disabled.
    You have disengage, including a glyph for double range + a talent for 60% movement speed.

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