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    Thumbs down Dear Ghostcrawler - YOU Are The Problem

    You know, for the longest time, I always thought Activi$ion was the poison of this game that was decreasing the quality (in my opinion... calm down and put down the flame throwers.)

    Now.. while Activi$$$$ion is still a money sucking bottom less pit of greed, I don't think that's half the problem for World of Warcraft at all. I never used to be someone who read all of Ghostcrawler's tweets but since MoP I've been paying attention to them. He basically only has two kinds of tweets:

    1) "Well basically we don't want players to do anything they don't absolutely want to do and don't want them to be forced to do it. We also don't believe they should have to rely on others to do something."

    2) "We absolutely believe that there should be more social interaction and involvement in between players."

    So let me get this straight... to accomplish #2, you believe the best way to go about this is implementing more of #1? Is this guy losing it?

    I don't know if people realize this or not, but this game used to be considered a MMORPG. A "Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game", now it's a OLCG (Online Loot Collecting Game). He's taken away the feeling of massive by making travel nearly instant for anywhere you want to go, and he's taken away the term multiplayer by putting in so much solo crap and less dependent on other players that you can literally play your character and obtain BiS LFR gear without every speaking to another person in the game. The only exception: You might need some help on Change of Command. Maybe a tank has solo'd it before, but I don't know.

    Ghostcrawler: I don't get your logic... I don't understand your design philosophy and I really think you're just running out of ideas on how to please the player base at this point. When you took your position, you had 12-13 million people to please. Shew.. that's a hell of a crowd to please and no, no matter what you do, there are going to be people unhappy. You could have everyone winning lottery tickets, cash them and they would still complain, but that's not the issue.

    The issue is, you have no idea what you're doing anymore, I think you're just thinking up random ideas and random answers to questions asked.

    Removing The 10/25 Separate Lockout: Why? Why was this necessary? Players felt "forced" to do both? Yeah, I think we can all agree Normal and Heroic raiders are both looking for more to do these days. I honestly didn't see too much complaining about separate lockouts, all the complaints were about one tier's gear being better than the other.

    Nerfing Cataclysm Heroics: Why? People had to put CC back on their Action Bars and people actually had to not stand in fire or they would die? I absolutely loved Cataclysm Heroics because they required the use of SIMPLE, I mean MIND NUMBINGLY SIMPLE techniques to kill trash and bosses. People would have gotten over it and once they outgeared it, it would've gotten incredibly easier. Instead, you nerfed it from the get go and turned them into a joke.

    MoP Heroics As A Whole: These feel like the most distant heroics I've ever seen to date. In BC, Wotlk and Cata, I knew what every single heroic was and every boss. When I zone into a MoP heroic, I have to remind myself or try to remember what the hell is in here. This expansion has less heroic content than ever but they don't feel heroic, and since launch, I've never seen a single wipe in a heroic (and yes, I use that LFDurrrrr tool).

    Dailies, Valor and Gates: You see, implementing a butt load of dailies was NOT the issue at hand. The issue was making them REQUIRED for the current and up to date BiS gear. Not only that, but you put a retarded 1k cap on Valor and then taking that even further, you put a REPUTATION requirement on everything. Why? What in the world. This doesn't instill fun or encourage people to play more, this is just a clever trick to get people who are currently subscribing to stay subscribed.

    *cough* A Test Of Valor *cough* *cough* Yes I know it's not 3k *cough*

    I wouldn't change how you implemented dailies but what I would change is:

    1) The ridiculous Valor Cap. Who the hell cares if someone wants to earn 10k Valor in a single week. Why punish players who want to play more by forcing them to play alts or stop playing until Tuesday just because of some ridiculous gating mechanic.
    2) Implementing BiS gear at the start of an expansion via Dailies. I would make reputation rewards more fun, such as mounts, pets and BoA gear for alts so that once they hit the maximum level, they can simply purchase some starting gear for that alt if they're exalted with that daily faction hub.

    Looking For Raid: Yep.. and now please allow me to put on my flame absorbent suit because I'm sure all the casuals and people who like to stand in fire will surely come knocking on my door. I wouldn't remove this feature, but it needs such drastic improvement that it would be better to start from scratch. This tool is such a piss poor design in my humble opinion. Did anyone honestly think this would improve gameplay?

    Let me try to put myself in the mind of a Blizzard Thinktank executive before the idea is ever implemented.

    This is basically the logic behind LFR

    Jim: Hey Bob, I had the greatest Idea!
    Bob: Yeah Jim?
    Jim: Why don't we implement a tool to help people find raids easier!
    Bob: THAT WOULD BE AMAZING! You know, people have been asking for that for a long time. I mean, myself, I play on a low population server so this tool would be such a big help since I can't find a guild and I honestly don't have the money to transfer or the time to re-roll.
    Jim: Oh, I'm not done.
    Bob: What do you mean?
    Jim: Ok, well here's my secondary thoughts. What if instead of a normal raid difficulty, we make a third difficulty JUST FOR LFR?! We would eliminate the need to follow boss mechanics and we would make it so that half the raid can AFK and still receive a potential chance for loot.
    Bob: Um... that doesn't make any sense. Why would we dumb down a normal raid? If people are forgiven for not following boss mechanics, not encouraged to play their class, not encouraged to learn their class and not encouraged to work as a team in a raid, doesn't that take away the point of raiding?
    Bob: Um.. neither do I. I'm at work just like you. I'm just saying, WoW is built on a fundamental that raiders have a choice to complete challenging content or to test their limits in heroic challenges with a very carefully organized group.
    Jim: Elitist jerk
    Jim: Also, I believe players should receive raid adequate gear because it's not fair that people who do normals and heroics are getting gear and I'm not!
    Bob: Oh.. well I work 10 hours more than you a week. You know what? It's not fair that you don't receive the same paycheck as me, how about we just give you a paycheck that is almost just like mine, but a few numbers lower so that way it's fair for everyone? You know what? Those 10 hour a week part time interns we hired, we should give them access to the same paycheck that you're earning too.. after all.. they're casual workers, they shouldn't have to do over time, spend more time at work or put in as much effort.
    Jim: Whatever elitist jerk..


    Jim: I told you LFR would the best idea ever!!!
    Bob: ....
    Jim: Ok, you know how players are trading loot and loot is hard to come by when you join a group full of jerks who hog it all and keep it for their friends? I'm thinking, let's implement a Diablo 3 style loot system where the loot is your own and is individualized based on every class!
    Bob: ...Wow.. that's actually.. pretty good. How are we going to implement such a feature?
    Jim: Ok here we go! You see, when a boss dies, every player will have the exact same chance at everyone else of obtaining loot!
    Bob: Um...
    Jim: Then! Not only that, but if they fail to receive loot, they'll receive a bag with 28g in it? Later on we may add things such as a chance to add pets and other stuff that the majority of LFR users don't care about.
    Bob: So let me get this straight.. let's say, everyone in the raid is the exact same iLvl and everyone needs an upgrade from all the bosses in the raid. Now, EVERYONE will have the exact same chance of loot, no matter what? No matter if they're dead, alive, good or bad?

    So, can I go to a LFR, AFK the entire time and still receive loot?
    Jim: OF COURSE! Everyone gets the exact same chance of obtaining loot!
    Bob: That.. is ridiculous. That doesn't encourage people to play the game or learn their class at all. That'll just encourage toxic behavior because why should they care? They have the same chance as everyone else at obtaining loot.
    Bob: I'm just saying, this system will only encourage AFKing and dying on purpose by standing in much AoE as possible. No one will have any sense of accomplishment after killing a boss or receiving loot, but instead they'll obligated to receive loot because it's like putting on a Halloween costume and going out tricking or treating. Why don't we just make LFR 'Normal' Difficulty and make it like the LFD tool. Hell, if they pug, I'm not even against putting in the 'Luck of the Draw' buff so that it's easier for pugs to complete but the design logic of yours behind LFR is absolutely stupid and will ruin this community even further and the gameplay.
    Jim: Yeah well that's because you're one of those "hardcore" players who believes casuals shouldn't have access to gear!
    Bob: Um no, I'm just saying casuals should have incentive to actually learn and play better to receive their gear. Besides, how did this definition of a casual player get so mixed up anyways? A Casual player just plays less than a hardcore player, that's it. You probably won't find a casual player sitting there with a spreadsheet trying to find which coefficient is better for their specific role in a raid but they still have incentive to actually perform.

    A casual now days in the eyes of most players thanks to "content for all" means you shouldn't have to avoid fire, you shouldn't have to follow any kind of mechanics what so ever, you shouldn't be required to complete any kind of rep requirement for anything, there should be no attunements what so ever and there should be absolutely no challenge to this game other than fighting their parents for more time on the internet.
    Jim: Yep.. lolol u mad bro? Luuul elitist lelelele
    Bob: Yeah.. Jim, we're going to have to let you go...
    Bob: *sigh* people will never learn.

    *Bob 6 months later is in an insanity ward trying to the cope with the demons in his head*
    "I tried to tell them.. I tried to tell them.. they just wouldn't listen."

    So as you can see, Bob has tried to express his dear concerns over the poorly implemented Looking For Raid Tool but sadly, the main decision maker just wouldn't listen.

    I'm not saying this game needs to go back to any kind of "former glory" or anything like that. Hell, I don't really want to go back to playing 16 hours a day/7 days a week because I'm not a teenager living at home anymore. What I would like to see is bringing back the "Massive" and "Multiplayer" aspects of this game back though.

    One last thing: FFS stop saying Cataclysm Heroics caused a lot of people to quit, no it didn't. The lack of end game content upon hitting maximum level was the reason a lot of people wanted to leave. Cataclysm was a weird expansion.. no one felt connected to the game at all and the majority of people I knew were like.. "who is Deathwing...?" The real and only interraction we got with him was while leveling an alt and being burned alive. Troll...

    People in Cataclysm felt disconnected from the world and had nothing to do but fly around in Orgrimmar at maximum level.

    Do you want to know what the worst part about that is though? Even though people had nothing else to do but fly around in Orgrimmar, there were still far more people online in Cataclysm. My guild is a casual/social guild of 1,000 people. I'm always kicking inactive people and adding new but at any given time there's only usually 10-20 people online. Back in Cataclysm, it wasn't uncommon to see 150-200 people online at any given time. I would like to say part of it was because of the chat... which.. well.. wasn't the best if you're what's known as a "carebear".

    There, shew, those are my thoughts... I just had to get them out.

    If someone agrees, please feel free to copy it to the WoW forums, I don't have my own Active account anymore, but I still play my friend's characters from time to time to test things out, see new patches and what not.

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    Ghostcrawler = Blizzard?

    Since when did he have absolute control over WoW?

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    It would be nice to come on here someday and see some actual new insight on really anything at all.

    Sadly today is not that day.

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    Although I understand where you are coming from ... I also think that this thread might not be appreciated on these boards.

    It is true that the "MMO" part is a bit lacking for an MMORPG.

    Either way I'm happy that they recognize that social interaction should be there in an MMO ... but they've been going down the slippery slope of trying to put as much convenience as possible in the game for a long time now. I bet if they could they'd give us the option to run normal and heroic raiddungeons with 9 properly geared NPCs...

    ... but convenience is a double edged sword. It ruins parts of the game as much as it improves others.

    I don't think Ghostcrawler is the only reason though ... I'd assume they're working with a team and have certain philosophies enforced unto them from higher up. If anything is to blame it's capitalism ruining our MMO games.

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    I think this hits all the usual points, right?

    * Saying 10/25 should be separate again
    * LFG/LFR sucks
    * Cata heroics were good because they were "hard" like TBC
    * MoP heroics are awful because they're "too easy"
    * Dailies are terrible (okay I agree with this one)
    * Use of "Activi$ion" as derogatory
    * Ghostcrawler is terrible and should be fired

    Sounds like every other "I don't like the game but think its my right to complain about things that the majority like" post. Nothing to see here.
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    I don't like the guy either OP.

    ---------- Post added 2013-05-25 at 07:06 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Arothand View Post
    I think this hits all the usual points, right?

    * Saying 10/25 should be separate again
    * LFG/LFR sucks
    * Cata heroics were good because they were "hard" like TBC
    * MoP heroics are awful because they're "too easy"
    * Dailies are terrible (okay I agree with this one)
    * Use of "Activi$ion" as derogatory
    * Ghostcrawler is terrible and should be fired

    Sounds like every other "I don't like the game but think its my right to complain about things that the majority like" post. Nothing to see here.
    Glad to see that you have conducted surveys and know what the majority wants.

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    I'm not trying to be hurtful, but these kinds of open-letters don't really work out because the only reason people post them here is because they don't want to draw attention to themselves on official forums. They're long-winded rants, sometimes with good points, but rants that just want people to agree with them ... Because the individual has to know that the chances of influential Blizzard employees reading them is close to nil.

    You know.

    The kind of post that might be better suited for a blog, versus a forum that can't do anything but MAYBE offer validation if people actually agree.

    Also ... OP doesn't even have an active account and only plays on a friend's account?
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    Yeah, burn the heretic! He alone is ruining WoW. And activision is the reincarnation of evil!

    /end sarcasm. Don't like it, don't play it. Easy solution.

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    I don't know if GC is the problem or not. You make good points there about problems I see in the game too. The shared lock-outs is a big one for me. When they made them shared they took away 1/2 what I loved doing most in game. They said the reason was people feeling forced to do both - and just not having the time to keep up. So, they implemented LFR? and LFR is not the same exact thing? And people don't feel forced to run LFR? WTF? did they just play big time hypocrit or what?

    A much better solution was to leave 10 / 25 man separate but shared the LFR/ normal 25 lock outs. So, if you are someone that is just there to really raid you can do 10 normal and 25 normal in a week. Or run your hardcore 10 man, and then just slum it in 25 man LFR. Since most that need to run LFR are probably not ones that are gonna run 25 regular.
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    This thread is new, refreshing, well-thought and argued for and is in no way childish, naive and completely oblivious to how a business actually works. I bet this is going to generate a bunch of interesting discussions and arguments of incredible depth.
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    Your going to get flamed to hell because its MMOC, but I do agree on some of your points. Good luck with the rediculous arguments and hatred that will follow.

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    Divide yourself by zero pls

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    What I don't get is it why everyone uses Cataclysm heroics as example.. WotLK had much harder heroics at beginning. I don't even remember cata heroics being hard at any point.

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    Oh look, a Anti GC Thread... We never had one of those before.

    What I wonder is, how the hell can one be so limited in their thinking (gotta tip toe around insult here really), by claiming all changes are made or decided by GC?
    Is he the CEO of Blizzard? Does he oversee the entire production? Does he decide every departments content?
    The answer to these three questions is No.
    For all what's different between him and the other people in charge at Blizzard, he communicates with the players frequently on a daily basis.
    The players he communicates with are we.. And we are the hopelessly outnumbered minority of the game's community.

    OP, you could have spent your time a lot more productive. There's a general rule you wanna consider next time.. The longer a text, the less people are actually reading it.
    The shorter, the better.

    Btw: Your very last sentence.. I am sure Blizzard likes opinions in the official forum that end with a confession of Terms breach.... Account sharing is against the TOU and leads to perma termination if caught. Let alone the subject title, that sure flies well with the forum rules over there.....
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    I'm neither here nor there with GC, but blaming him for everything is just pathetic.

    Sometimes, there are stupid changes, but when they are justified, explained or fixed, I don't mind at all - it's when people fix what ain't broke for the hell of it then don't explain when I get annoyed.

    I'm not defending him, but I'd quite like to see you balance arguably the biggest MMO with the most fickle and picky and diverse of fan bases.

    No, I'm serious, try it. If you can do a better job I'll eat my words, buy you a pint and tip my hat to you, but until then.

    As for the whole Cata thing, I see it as a stepping stone. Yes, it wasn't a brilliant expansion, but it's pushed the game in a new direction which was needed, like it or not.
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    Ghostcrawler is some kind of politic. Imagine Blizzard has 50% of players wanting feature A and 50% wanting feature B. And this features are exclusive. If Blizzard will choose A, they'll lost 50% of players, same with B feature. So what they supposed to do? They're trying kill two hairs with one shoot - they are trying to hold both kind of players. How? They lie. As simple as that. That what happens, if you have to satisfy people, each having 100500 different preferences - you have to do, what is good for all of them and lie, trying to tell each of them, that you're doing everything especially for him. And while you dealing with it - everything is ok. But when you stop beliving - revolution happens. So. Don't like Wow? Don't play it. It's not like dealing with your government - i.e. when you have no way to go. If Blizzard will lose enough amount of player, they'll have to choose, with who they want to stick.
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    Hands down for best post ever!~ I salute you!~

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    Although I agree with you on most points, I don't think you'll find much support here, you'll just be told that WoW has evolved and to deal with it, while that is true, it doesn't mean it should have evolved in the way it has.

    I will point out that Ghost Crawler has said alot of things I have agreed with in the past, but also alot of things that make me say "wtf?".
    I don't envy his job, I think I would fare alot worse than he has and I admire him for keeping it together as much as he has in the face of the demanding community that is WoW.

    Would I have done stuff slightly differently? yes

    Could I keep even half as many people happy? Probably not.
    Quote Originally Posted by want my Slimjim View Post
    You don't stand next to someone and speak In Spanish in an uncrowded area. Thats not a freedom concept.

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    I found it pretty funny that you wrote such a long post.

    Quote Originally Posted by Definition View Post
    Divide yourself by zero pls
    That was funny too, lol!

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    People who blame one person for everything that is done, have never worked a day in their lives. If they did, they would know that no one person decides, there are always other people involved.

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