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    This got me banned...

    So yeah...

    So you join an LFG with me and I need on everything. Clearly I don't need any of it but I do it anyway. How are you going to stop me? You could ignore me so you never have to group again but there is a good chance ignore is going to not function. You could also boot me but chances are I have kick protection... and if I am the tank well then you get to sit in queue and do nothing.

    You join an LFR with me and I pull everything. I set off traps and stand in everything possible. I go out of my way to ignore all mechanics and cause as much trouble for everyone else as possible. Chances are you can't even be sure it is me because of all the people I can hide. What you going to do about it?

    You join "whatever" with me and find me to be rude, mean and just plain old ignorant. What can you really do about it?


    There was a time in MMOs when these things couldn't happen very often because the community on a server could police itself. Act like a ass or be a ninja and you won't find many people to play with after long. Warcraft in Classic even had this. It wasn't as harsh as previous games but that is because WoW has always been much more solo friendly.

    Then after several different changes self policing a server became near impossible. People are now free to act however they want and punishment is almost nonexistent. For an added bonus we are now at a point where bad behavior is rewarding. Chances are you have seen this and never noticed. People in Normal/Heroic ToT gear needing every blue in 5 mans. Very good chance it happened and you didn't notice. Why did it happen? Because they can and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

    So we now have a game where I can have fun at the expense of all others and there is basically nothing any of them can do about it.


    But all that is nothing really... Sadly it gets far worse than that. In just the last two weeks I have been /whispered by several people I do not know and have had no interactions with. The content of their whispers? Racist, sexist and disgusting comments in general. We have people killing themselves in this country over their mistreatment because of the way they where born and the idea that any of that could be taking place in a game I pay for is not acceptable to me.

    I am not part of the LGBT community but I know many who are and having random people whisper me call me some variation of gafgot (its all there, wrong order) is unacceptable. I think it is time that Blizzard takes a stance as well. It should be made clear that players that behave in this way will not be tolerated.


    I have been enjoying WoW off and on since just after release but it may soon come to an end. I cannot, and will not, pay for a game where abusive treatment of others is ignored or in same cases protected.

    We need tools to keep our community clear of these people and we need Blizzard to make it clear they won't allow it. As it is now we have an ignore feature that rarely works for people off server, and it doesn't ignore their account just that one character. We also have a kick feature that almost always protects the abuser from the average player. In the real world that would be like forcing a women to live with her abusive husband because he hit her to many times.

    There is only one thing I can really do and that is cancel my accounts. I don't want to but if a company is unwilling to do something about it then I am unwilling to let them have my money.


    I guess pointing out a problem with their community while using far less colorful language is not acceptable for forums.

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    This line of discussion is new and interesting.
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    Actually, it's neither new nor interesting and there's nothing really to discuss other than people yelling at one another.

    So, closing for that reason and that "I quit" threads are not allowed. Nothing constructive will come of this.
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