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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevor View Post
    If you dont want people to grief... make it impossible...
    Sadly, people come up with new methods every day.
    But you summed it up right, Blizzard should prevent it.

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    contact BlIZZARD and file a report

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    sounds like a lot of fun for that guy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deja Thoris View Post
    How are you not banned from here?

    Between your trying to get people beaten irl (internet hard dude) and jabbering on about GC being like an al-queda cell I think you need some perspective.
    the human race needs "fear factor" lessons to straighten the hell out. either re-educate these people or get rid of them. we need a happy society, not this chaotic 1 we live in. i was bashing kalgan not GC. street gets alot of flack cause he's the 1 in the spotlight but the true enemy is chilton. anyone who played during BC would know this.

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    It does sound like your the only one reporting him. You need to get everyone in the raid to report him. The more the merrier.

    Here is my 2 cents in the meantime and please take into account I have never tried him so feel free to laugh and poke fun at my suggestion. Everyone buffs up in a location that's far away. Once everyone is ready make "3 teams". Team 1 consists of a Tank and Healer and Team 2 consists of Tank and Healer. Team 3 consists of everyone else.

    Team 1 approaches from one side and Team 2 approaches for the opposite side. Griefer goes into action and kills one of the Teams while the other team moves a bit farther away. Griefer should die and at that point the "alive" team grabs aggro while Team 3 charges in. The dead team should be able to rez and rejoin the fight before the boss is dead. If the boss can't be taunted then the griefer shouldn't be able to do anything while the fight is going on.

    Have no idea if that would work but only one way to find out.

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