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    Why are so many people against them? If I want to play the classic days of wow rather than the modern era and on a completely different server, then how does that effect you?

    It doesn't make sense why so many people are against them. Are they afraid that more people may actually play old wow rather than new wow?
    I think it has to do with their fear of seeing their already dead servers ending up as ghost towns. Population is going down, and I for one would jump on a BC server. The game was much better back then. Classic, not so sure. Wouldn't have time to level to 60.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturmbringe View Post
    People leave those servers you refer to because they are full of bugs, not because they dislike Vanilla or TBC or WOTLK.

    1. Pathing bug
    2. Raid bugs
    3. PvP bugs
    4. "Freeze" bug
    5. Rollbacks
    6. Hacking
    7. Dungeon bugs

    And finally: They are not 100% Blizzlike. The loot drop rate is broken, experience is not vanilla, etc.

    On the other hand, the Legacy servers which are really good and have a dedicated team of developers behind them as well as good hardware, not only are full to the brim, but they also have 3000 people queues to enter. I could post screenshots of the queue but you don't allow advertising of private servers.

    The same servers are P2W and they also charge a monthly fee (referred to as donation) in order to allow the end user to skip the thousands of F2P people on the queue.

    If I were you, I'd get my facts straight.

    (P2W: People pay money through Paypal to buy from an "online shop" Mounts, PvP and PvE gear).

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    Blizzard fail at feeling, because there are many people making top dollar off Legacy servers as we speak.
    If they are making money off of Blizzards code, which from what you are saying, they can and will be prosecuted within the full extent of the law.

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    Im sure that its nostalgia, which would bring me back to vanilla wow. But still, i would rather have one of my alts there than doing exactly same content on mop realms. I just miss silithus at nights <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock View Post
    There is already a semi-active thread about past expansion servers.
    Indeed there is. Not even a week has past since last posted in.

    Please direct your discussion to that thread instead of starting new threads on a subject that was tired and settled a very long time ago. Thanks.

    Closing this.
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