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    Thoughts on Holy Paladins in PvP 5.3

    I was just curious what the overall feeling was with Holly Paladins since 5.3 I have been playing one as my main since Wotlk for PvE and PvP but switch to just PvP in Cata. I'm a pretty casual player and get on to run some bg's and cap 2v2 with my brother (Spriest) weekly. I have a lot of fun even though I'm not the greatest I still feel I'm pretty good. We usually end up 50% wins even with leaving most matches that have another healer dps combo (hate wasting time going the full time).

    I work overnight and havent had the chance to play since 5.3 and I don't really see much talk on the PvP healing of Paladins. What do people think either playing them of facing them? I for one really only had problems with rogues (damn smoke bomb) and getting chain cc'd by good comps not allowing me to get a cast off after bubble and trinket. Otherwise we did pretty well for a non fotm comp (Hpala Spriest) we play to have fun not to top rankings obviously lol.

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    Mixed opinions on it at the moment. Some say good some say bad (healers in general)..
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    If rogues become shit, all they can become is a different type of shit.

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    Hpally healing is far too weak and they are to vulnerable to CC. Weakest healer by far.

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    kind of agree with above poster. From what i have seen (i don't play one) But their healing output if much lower than others (Monk, Disc). But if you have fun with it, it's good for casual playing (random bg's and low-mid rating 2v2) So if you enjoy the play style keep at it. But, if you're looking to play the best heals out there, pally's are not it right now, might be better of monk or disc (IMO of course). Either eway, good luck and have fun

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