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    [A] Brutal Gladiators - Frostmourne PVP Guild

    A diverse pvp guild looking for passionate pvp players. Easy going, friendly and helpful guild looking for like minded members!

    Our guilds primary focus is Rated Battlegrounds as this will gear players fast and help learn to work together as a team.

    RBG groups will be organised in three categories:
    1. LOW MMR (0-1800) - Very noob friendly with a strong focus on having fun and learning strats and carrying them out accordingly.
    2. MID MMR Push (1800-2k) - A highly organised group looking to break the 2k barrier and on wards.
    3. HIGH MMR Push (2000+) - A very strong group of highly dedicated members aiming as high as possible.

    World PVP Events
    Part of the beauty of a pvp guild is to really show off, we aim to organise various world pvp events such as...

    Gurubashi Arena
    All members submit 100g to Guild bank prior to heading off, an all on all brawl, first person to open chest wins all event gold and special guild rank.

    World PVP Raids
    On several citys, achievements and general reckless pvp.

    Blood Duels
    Members pair up for epic 1v1 Duels to the death, typical knockout system until there is one winner, special guild rank for the victor.

    And of course plenty of Random BGs, Arena caps/carry.

    So, jump onto Frostmourne and msg one of our officers and join the team!

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    We are also looking for experienced RBG Leaders to join our team to help promote & organise Daily RBGs.

    We'll bring you in as a member and run some rbgs with the crew, if there's lots of ppl having fun and doing well under your command we'll discuss promotion.

    Speak with myself or any officer in game!
    If nobody are available send your Battlenet ID via in game mail and we'll talk as soon as we're both online.
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