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    Question Weak Aura Question

    Hey . im trying to configure my Aura annimation to run only once. ( for like 1.25 sec ).
    i did set the annimation to be 1.25 sec but its keep running again and again .
    so how can i configure it to run only once?

    thx for the help

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    You need to be more specific about what you're trying to do, what aura do you mean? On which occasions and triggers? I can't understand your problem without more info :P

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    If you're saying that you want an Aura to pop up on the screen, bounce (or whatever animation) for 1.25 sec and then disappear, then you'll need to go under the trigger settings of the Aura and change it from Automatic untrigger to timed, and switch that to 1.25 sec.

    If you just want it to pop up, bounce (or whatever animation) for 1.25 sec, and then stop bouncing, but stay on the screen, until your trigger conditions are no longer met, then I believe that's going to require some custom lua in the animation field, which I'm afraid I can't help you with.

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    thx much . found a solution .

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